Our Suite Escape in Raffles Makati

Thanks to Make It Makati, my family and I were able to experience our most luxurious staycation to date! We were privileged to have a free overnight stay at Raffles, Makati's Junior Suite with afternoon/evening cocktails and buffet breakfast. We were so excited to go! 

 Raffles Hotel is situated in the heart of Makati just right beside the Landmark Mall. The hotel consists only of suites namely 23 junior suites, 8 executive suites, 1 presidential suite, and 110 Raffles Residences available for extended hotel stays.

Here are some pictures we took during our stay: 

This is their check-in/check-out area. Our check-in experience was a breeze since I have already made reservations through phone in advance so they were already expecting us. Notice that there are no long lines? 
This picture was taken inside the elevator. We were amazed to see a chandelier inside.
Room 1014 was our destination. As we reached the 10th floor and walked the hallway, I looked back and took a picture. I (slightly) freaked out when it looked similar to a scene in the movie, The Shining. I just laughed it off.
As we entered the room, we were overwhelmed with how spacious it was and how high the ceiling was. I was laughing when my son shouted, "Wow! I feel so rich!" We all totally agreed with him because the room seems 10 levels higher than the usual hotel rooms we used to stay in. The room, by the way, is only 60 square meters wide!

Here are some pictures of the junior suite:

The Receiving Area

 As we entered the room, I was happy to see there's a dining area where we can put our food and a place to dine with the kids. 

A very nice piece of art being displayed at the center table.
At the table, there's a nice greeting card with my name and some complimentary fresh fruits! We love, love, love it!

On the left of the entrance door is what I call a "chill" area because this is where I stayed just to chill while waiting for my coffee or while I take my snacks from the mini bar.
A closer look at their coffee machine. I say again: a COFFEE MACHINE! Never did I experience having a coffee machine inside a hotel room until now! Just wow. 

As a coffee lover, I really got my eyes on this baby.
Oh, the things I will do to you (coffee-wise) :P
Actually, it took me and my husband 20 minutes to figure out how to make it work. We followed the directions, but we just can't get it to work so we decided to call our butler. When our butler, Dennis, turned it on, it magically just worked out fine. So weird.
On a side note, it actually took a while before the butler arrived so he can assist us in "fixing" the coffee machine and I was beginning to wonder if the staff has forgotten our request. But when he arrived, I was actually surprised to see him carrying a platter with 2 glasses of milk (in the pic, my son already drank more than half of the glass) and some cookies/chocolates for my kids as complimentary welcome treats from the hotel! Gosh! We were really overwhelmed with the service they're giving us. 

The room offers complimentary Malongo coffee (4 pouches) for the coffee machine which is a Singaporean coffee. At first it was pretty strong for me, but later on I appreciated its good taste.
They have good selection of liquor.

The Mini Bar

From the receiving area, let us now proceed to the bedroom

The Bedroom:

We requested for 2 separate beds and they offered us a room with two queen beds! Yey! The four of us can finally sleep comfortably! As you can see, each bed has 4 linen pillows and 3 throw pillows each. No need to disturb housekeeping to request for extra pillows :)
Another angle of the bed. It's a bit messy already because my kids move quickly. They love jumping on the bed especially if the bed is bouncy and soft.
They have a big Samsung LED TV with DVD player beneath it.
This is one of the main controls of the room to adjust the temperature, the alarm, the lights, etc. So high tech! :)
Too late that I noticed the remote control has disappeared before I took this picture. My kids already got it. They're excited to see what channels they have to offer.
This is charging station where you can charge your iPhone, iPad, and other gadgets.
Internet connection for your laptop. They also offer complimentary high speed WIFI.
View from our room
My son actually took over the working desk. He found some scissors, ruler, pencil, paper clips, highlighter, eraser, and a stapler in the drawer so he got busy doing some drawings and then cutting them out. He made paper airplanes and shurikens. ^_^
There's a small hallway going to the bathroom where the closet is also situated on the side where you put your shoes, your clothes, and your luggage. 

This is the first time I've seen so many hangers in a hotel room. Normally,  you would need to call housekeeping if you need extra. This time, housekeeping never heard a call from us because we got everything we need.  :)

 The Bathroom:
When we saw the bathroom, we all went like, "Whoa!!!" My kids' eyes sparkled when they saw how big and nice the bathtub was.
Of course, the kids took a bath the minute they saw how awesome the bathtub is.

I really liked their robes. They were like thin kimonos. The bathroom also had 4 big towels, 2 face towels, and 4 hand towels.

 Separate rain shower room and there's also a separate toilet.
I really love taking a shower here.


Amazing suite + good service + complete amenities = one extraordinary family experience
Here is a summary of the pros and cons based on our experience in the room.

Cons :
  1. We didn't get to use the swimming pool! T_T Well, the weather was a bit weird - sunny then cloudy that it seemed it was going to rain so we decided not to swim that day. Now that we're back home, I wish we did swim because I realized it was a once in a lifetime experience. *sigh*
  2. The problem with having such a big and comfortable bed and a luxurious bathtub is deciding where to stay longer. The struggle is real! 
  3. We missed the complimentary evening cocktails! T_T Huhuhu! I really thought it was until 10PM so we arrived at around 9PM. When we got to the Writer's Bar, I was informed that evening cocktails was until 8PM only. *sigh* But we were still entitled to some free non-alcoholic beverages so I requested for some iced chocolate for me and my daughter. 
House blend iced chocolate.
I was happy to see the big glasses because normally when we order in other hotels, they would serve us thin glasses.

  1. Complete amenities. 
    a. Pillows. They had enough pillows in each bed. There are 4 pillows plus 3 throw pillows.
    b. Bathroom amenities were more than enough. They  had plenty of towels (4 big towels, 2 face towels, and 4 hand towels). I believe we still had one towel unused there when we checked out. 
    c. Hangers. My husband and I used to share hangers when we hang our clothes every time we check in a hotel. This time, we got plenty of hangers so it's a big plus for us.
  2. Spacious room. For families especially with kids, having a big space in a hotel room is a big plus. With our experience, the kids moved around freely and they didn't  get bored staying inside hence enjoying our staycation even more.
  3.  Personal touch. Whenever I call the front desk, there were NO busy lines. They always answer it immediately by saying something like, "Good evening! Thank you for calling, Mrs. Verdida. How may I help you?" Notice they always say my name? It's a huge plus for me because it means they take the time to know who the guest is. I actually ran into 2 butlers going down the elevator and asked me my room number. Then when they got out the elevator, they greeted me by saying, "Goodbye and we hope you enjoy your stay, Mrs. Verdida."