Monday, August 15, 2016

Get Complete Nutrition with Nutri10Plus

Taking food supplements or vitamins has been a part of my son's daily diet especially because he's a picky eater. I was always worried that he might not get the daily nutrition he needs so I make sure he drinks his vitamins every day.But take note that I don't just let him try any vitamins. I actually read their labels and prices, compare it with other brands, and then decide. Sometimes I take advantage of the free samples of vitamins I get from events so that I could let my son try it and then observe for any side-effects. 

Just recently, I was quite happy to receive from #BloggerMail some bottles of Nutri10Plus, a food supplement distributed by Wert Philippines. In all honesty, I don't really hear much about it nor do I see them stocked in my favorite supermarket, but still, I am willing to try it for my son. 

First of all, whoever is in-charge of the product's design, they really made a good choice of cover picture for their boxes and bottles because the moment my son saw it, he got a little excited and asked me, "Ma, what's this? Is this for soccer?"

Just a little background, my son plays soccer every summer and he gets excited whenever soccer is a topic. 

I said, "Maybe it's for active children who likes sports since there's also a tae-kwon-do player's picture at the back of the box."
When I checked the label, I was happy that it already includes Ascorbic Acid or Vitamin C because usually in other multivitamin brands, they do not include Vitamin C in it so I have to buy a separate one.
So every day after breakfast, I let him take Nutri10Plus because it has all the essential vitamins for a growing up boy such as Vitamin A for the eyes, B vitamins for motor skills, Vitamin C for stronger immunity, and Chlorella Growth Factor that helps aid with his growth. Best of all, my son seems to like its Ponkan flavor because he never complained of its taste.
Me and my son
So it's been more than 2 weeks since my son has been taking the vitamins and he seems all right with it. Two improvements I've noticed with him after taking the vitamins are :
  • He doesn't catch a cold as often as before and;
  • He now has enough energy to play basketball after school unlike before that he usually wants to go home and rest after school. 
 So given these changes, I am happy with Nutri10Plus as a mom so I've decided that we are going to stick with this vitamin brand for a while because it visibly gives good results to my child.

For more info about Nutri10Plus, you may simply visit their Facebook account at :

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