Monday, September 26, 2016

Unboxing Japan Fun Box

Last week, I received a post card from Paranaque Post Office that a parcel is waiting for me to be picked up. So within the week, I had someone pick it up at the post office, paid P90+ for the fees, and to my excitement, a Japan Fun Box straight from Japan was waiting for me to be reviewed. We were so excited to open it most especially my kids who couldn't wait to see what's inside.

Just an overview, the Japan Fun Box or Japanese Candy and Snack box is a subscription box from Japan where you may receive monthly Japanese snack goodies right at your doorstep. They offer three types of boxes depending on the contents you want; the more the contents, the higher the monthly fee is.

Here's a graphic illustration on how it works: 

 Now,  let's check out below what's inside the Japan Fun Box they sent me: 

This is the box
These are the contents. There are 6 delicious-looking Japanese snacks all in. 
Let's take a look at each one:

1. Slim Ganko Fried Potato
"The original delicious flavor of salty potatoes, with a slightly toasty fragrance, and a crispy texture; a deliciousness you never get tired of."

The description of this snack generally summarized it all. It tasted quite similar to Pik-Nik shoestring potato, but this one is tastier. It is indeed salty just as mentioned in the description and for me, I think this is best to go with an ice cold beer. 
2. Meiji APOLLO 
"This is a longtime best seller since it released out 45 years ago. There are so many fans because of the cute package and faint strawberry flavor after ate. The persons who cannot stop to eating appear one after another if eat this once."

 I personally love the Meiji brand because all of the Meiji snacks we've tasted were of high quality and they were all delicious, and Apollo is no exception. I was really happy to see (and it's my first time to see) that the size of the product is exactly the same size of the picture printed on the box.  It looks quite the same, too. As for the flavor, the chocolate and strawberry flavors really blended well and it's not too sweet. We all loved this treat and it was gone in less than 5 minutes. There were around 15-20 pieces of chocolates inside the box. 


3. Pizza Potato
"People around the world would say the Pizza potato taste is good and finally this Pizza potat add to the line up in Funbox. Who think up the potato chips go well with cheese? Rich cheese on the zig-zag cut thick potato. This potato chips is only in Japan."

My son really loved this Pizza Potato chips and I'm not surprised why. He loves eating pizza and this potato chips really captured the delicious pizza taste. Local pizza-flavored chips doesn't come close to it. This chips itself is very light, but very flavorful. I never got tired eating it. It tasted really good. 


4. Whistle Candy: Grape Flavor
"This is a very popular and regular snack in Japan. Because this candy can make sounds like a whistle when you put in your mouth and blow, it makes kids happy but their parents angry. A cute secret toy box comes with this."

This is a chewable candy that melts like powder in my mouth. At first, I thought it's going to be sour, but later on, the flavor shifted to being sweet grape. It was quite weird for me at first, but I did enjoy it later on. I just never tasted any candy like this before. :) The only frustration for me was I never got to figure out how to whistle using it.

This is the secret toy inside the box. It looked like a miniature glittered plastic cup. 

5. Ume-pachi
"A combination of a crackling burst Ume (plum) candy and sour Ume taste (plum) granules and it is new texture candy."

This is probably the most unique and fun candy I've tried. These tiny crystal-like candies can be chewed and then you can immediately feel little or mild "explosions" or popping feeling of the candies happening inside your mouth. Its flavor is a combination of sweet and sour, and I personally liked it. My kids didn't like it very much maybe because of its unique flavor, but I do think this candy is intended for more mature consumers like teenagers and up. It was really fun eating this. 


6. Sherbet-Lick - Grape flavor
"1. Lick the candy well
2. Dip it in plenty of powder
3. Lick again. A juicy flavor will spread in your mouth!"

Again, this is another first for me. It's my first time to see a powdered lollipop. My son was excited to try this and he was not willing to share understandably. At first lick, he said he liked the rich grape flavor  right away. It was a bit sweet and there's no sour flavor, he said. He kept dipping it in powder just as mentioned in the instructions and he really enjoyed it. Truly a nice treat for the kids and kids at heart. 

So there you have it. If you're interested in subscribing to Japan Fun Box to get all the Japanese goodies they have to offer, simply go to Japan Fun Box website or click the picture below and follow the easy instructions on ordering/subscribing.

Japanese Candy Box - Japan Funbox

Japanese Candy Box Free Shipping Worldwide - Japan Funbox

Thank you very much, Japan Fun Box for the special treat! My family really enjoyed it.

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