Friday, November 4, 2016

Does a Spouse Monitoring Software Work for Everyone

Xnspy is a comprehensive monitoring app, which works well as a spouse monitoring software too. At a certain stage in some marriages, people start suspecting their spouses of cheating. Because it is a sensitive matter, so putting away all doubts by making sure of things may be a good idea. This is a simple product description of Xnspy:

It is a comprehensive monitoring software, which works on all kinds of Android and iOS devices. It offers features that allow users to monitor any target device remotely. For monitoring a target jailbroken iOS and Android, users have to install the app manually. For target non-jailbroken devices, users will find the non-jailbroken version available too.

It is offers features that anyone can need in order to see what a target person says and shared using his or her smartphone. You may be a parent, employer, or a spouse trying to save your marriage.

Here are some things I noticed with the app:

·         Compatible with all versions of Android and iOS
·         Works completely in stealth mode (undetectable)
·         Consumes minimum memory and doesn’t affect other applications’ performance
·         Subscription billing lets you automatically re-subscribe every month

·         A minimum of 1-month subscription is mandatory
·         Requires iOS credentials for No-Jailbreak devices
·         Requires one-time access to target device for installation
Please continue reading to know how the features of this app benefit spouses, but also work for everyone else.

Features Useful as a Spouse Monitoring Software

Access to Call Logs and Contacts
People who use this app can access the call logs and contacts on their target device. They can also set alerts for specific numbers. This way, whenever those contacts call the target device, the app alerts the users.

Screening of SMS/IM Chats
Xnspy offers its users complete access to messages sent/received via the target device. Tapping someone’s text messages was never easier! Users can also access IM chats on different apps including iMessage, Skype, Facebook Messenger, Viber, LINE, and KIK. Users can also set alerts for words used by the target person in messages. This makes it easier for people to know if the target mentions red-flagged words.

View Images/Videos on the Target Phone
Using the Spouse monitoring software allows users to see all photos and videos on the target device. No matter what kind of device the target person uses, you can remotely copy the images and make screenshots too. In case you want to confront your cheating spouse, you will need backup.

Tracking of Emails & Internet Browsing History

Xnspy has an email tracking feature, which makes it possible to see all sent and received emails. Sometimes, tapping someone’s text messages is not enough. You need to check their emails as well. The Gmail app installed on the target device is very accessible for the app. So, you can see the browsing history and bookmarked websites too.

Geotracking & Geo-fencing
This app comes with the GPS (Global Positioning System) inbuilt. It allows users to know where the target device is at any time. If the target person has the smartphone with him or her, users can track their location. Cheating partners cannot keep their whereabouts secret anymore. In fact, the geofencing feature allows users to watchlist specific places. Whenever the target device enters or leaves those places, the app alerts the user.

Recording of Phone’s Surroundings
Another interesting and notable feature of the app, according to me, is its ability to record surroundings. You don’t have to make a call to know what the target person is doing and you don’t need to eavesdrop behind walls and doors any more. You can record conversations happening in the background of the target device and listen to them later.

Complete Remote Access to Target Phone
In extreme cases, if your spouse or the target person is non-compliant with your requests to refrain from the wrong things he or she is doing, you may have to take things in their hands. This Spouse monitoring software allows you to lock the target device remotely without the need to seize it. You can block installed apps, and even wipe of the entire data on the device.

I definitely recommend using this software in everyday life. You can make your marriage work by taking necessary precautions earlier in time. You can also use it for child monitoring or employee monitoring.

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