Friday, December 8, 2017

L'oreal Paris Sparkling Visible Color in Golden Nude Brown

I have never used any hair coloring ingredient on my hair - ever! I was always scared of the result. I remember that one episode from the cartoon, Anne of Green Gables, where she colored her hair green and it destroyed her hair so she ended up cutting it short. After watching that episode when I was young made me avoid all hair coloring chemicals altogether. 

But now that I'm 35 years old, I'm more open to anything new. To start my very first hair coloring journey, I decided to try out L'oreal Paris Sparkling Visible Color in Golden Nude Brown. 

L'oreal actually has 2 types of brown hair coloring, the Golden Nude Brown and the Ashy Nude Brown. Here's a guide that can help you choose which color that suits your skin tone:

I personally chose the Golden Nude Brown out of curiosity so that's what I got. 

L'oreal Sparkling Visible Color in Nude Brown
L'oreal Sparkling Visible Color in Golden Nude Brown
Some warning messages to take note of. This particular hair product does not contain Phenoxyethanol, an ingredient to most beauty products and it's a Rapidlash active ingredient. RapidLash is a known eyelash serum. 

Honestly speaking, I am still afraid of coloring my hair on my own, so we called our all-around hair stylist/manicure/pedicure person, Ms. Gina, to do it for me at home.

There's Ms. Gina working on my hair.
Hair coloring treatment took almost an hour and since I'm at the comfort of my own home, I simply watched TV during treatment. 

This is my hair before:

My hair after: 

I apologize for the photo quality.
 I thought I had a good shot in my phone already.
Sad to say this is the only "after" picture I have fresh after treatment.

L'oreal hair under the sun
My hair under the sun versus my hair without the sun.
I was actually expecting my hair to become lightish brown after the treatment. I was sad to see that my hair color basically looks the same. But when my hair gets touched by sunlight, the brownish color becomes more visible. Yey! I might try the Ashy Nude Brown color next time :)

The whole experience was not that bad. I actually enjoyed it. During treatment, I was excited to see what my hair would look like. It really feels nice to do something new for yourself once in a while. 

Loreal Paris Golden Nude Brown color is now on sale in Lazada !!! Take advantage of their big discounts and FREE shipping!!! Sale ends on December 12, 2017. 

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