Friday, November 4, 2016

Our First Halloween Party Experience at the Bellevue Hotel 2016

I don't remember how long I have been wondering about what it's like to attend a Halloween party inside 5-star hotels because their tickets are very expensive. They range from Php800 and up - each! That's why when we got 2 tickets for Bellevue Hotel's Monster Misfit Halloween Party this year for free, I was so excited! 

 October 29 came and we arrived at the hotel at 1PM. Registration is required and it was such a delight that we were instantly given freebies after registering (2 bottles of Nature's Spring Iced tea and 2 pieces of granola bars). 

Our so-called passports for the event. The rewards card has one purpose: We have to visit all their sponsors' booths and get our card stamped before we can get our loot bags. 

Here are a few pictures before we were allowed to enter inside the grand ballroom:

Free milk samples from Arla. I loved both flavors of chocolate and strawberry milks!

Inside the Grand Ballroom:

I was breathless when we entered the grand ballroom. Every kid would be in awe just seeing those beautiful and extravagant balloon decors. Oh, and we didn't have to worry on where to sit because the number on our tickets are our designated seat numbers. 

Our table (with free candies)
 The invitation says the party starts at 1PM, but the program starts at 2PM so we have a lot of time to spare and to explore the place. It's also a good time to get those stamps completed before the program starts. 

Candy Buffet!!!
We're required to come here and get our candies so we can get our loot bags at the end of the event.
Another candy buffet sponsored by Jack TV and 2nd Avenue.
Again, we're required to visit their booth and get their treats so we can get our loot bags which I really don't mind doing. 
Inflatable slide and playhouses for the kids! Yup, this is included in our rewards card that we need to visit. My little one really enjoyed the place. The kids can stay here if they want until the event ends.

When my little one got tired, I took the chance to take her to the mini parlor so they can fix her hair. She was eating marshmallows so she's behaved the entire time they were doing her hair.
Here are some pictures of the snack buffet. The snack buffet opened while we were at the mini parlor. When we got back inside, believe it or not, all the cupcakes were g-o-n-e! I was mortified. What I was able to eat was a rainbow doughnut and some candies plus an iced tea. I wasn't able to wait for the cupcakes to be replenished because we needed to leave early due to a trick or treating event (that our village sponsored) that we needed to attend to. (huhu *cries in the corner*):



There are still lots of food that I wasn't able to take a picture of like their pasta, chicken, other food viands and other desserts. They also offer unlimited ice cream for everyone. (*cries again in the corner*)

Since we had to leave by 2:30, we weren't able to participate in the program. We already completed our stamps so I thought we could already get our loot bags. When I went outside, the person-in-charge was actually reluctant to give us our loot bags because they were meant to be given after the event. But I explained to them my dilemma and, in the end, they allowed me to go, but the loot bags were placed inside a paper bag so the other guests won't notice.

So we got home and I decided to take a quick picture of what we got:

These are the freebies we got from the booths (dinosaur and tumbler not included).

This is what's inside our loot bag!
The blue circle in the middle is actually an Avent breastmilk storage cup.
Okay, now that I've attended a Halloween party from an extravagant hotel, is it worth it to buy a ticket next year?

Each ticket is worth P990 nettt each person. If you were to leave early like we did, it's definitely not worth it. But if I had stayed at the very end of the party, enjoyed the buffet, and my kid actively participated in games then it might be a different story. We could have gotten lots of prizes. Bellevue Hotel is also quite generous in giving out prizes - even consolation prizes. They also had a costume contest for the kids where the winners may get Php1,000 worth Timezone cards and overnight gift certificates for Bellevue Hotel, Bohol. *sigh*

Another thing I want to give credit to Bellevue Hotel is their tight security. Guards are always watching the entrance/exit of the venue so no kid can exit without an adult. Good job, Bellevue! 

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