Friday, November 11, 2016

Toy Kingdom Gift Ideas 2016

We were in SM Southmall last weekend and my son wanted to visit Toy Kingdom, so off we went. It usually takes him 15-25 minutes to look around and find a toy he wants so while waiting, I decided to take some random pictures of the toys being displayed including their prices.  I know some people just don't have the time to canvass around the store and look for a toy they want or a gift they need so I hope this post could help somehow. 


Items/Toys worth Php100 and below

Cute Fuzzy Head Pillows
Each toy in this picture is worth P100 only


Each Play-Doh tub costs P49.75

Items/Toys worth P199 and below
Ooh! These are great finds! I might get an elephant or a giraffe for my daughter

A great gift for the creative ones and those who love DIYs

Character/Avengers Pillows!
Gift idea for 6 months and up! Perfect for 1st birthdays or baptism gift for baby :D

Musical Toy for 6 months and up!

Giant Crayola Coin Banks

Items/Toys worth Php299.75 and below

I really like the colors of these Ninja Turtles Neck Pillows.

Items/Toys worth P599.75 and below


Their prices vary depending on the type of animal/fish  you choose


For 18 months and above!
One of my son's favorites. He says NERF quality is best quality :D

Items/Toys worth Php600 and above

Items that I failed to get the prices:

These are all the pictures I got because my son approached me already telling me he's done choosing a toy. Thanks for visiting!

Toy Kingdom
SM Southmall 
Las Pinas City

Comments/suggestions/feedback? Please enter them in the comments below.

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