Thursday, January 12, 2017

Gold Delight Ice Cream House in BF Homes

While walking home from a nearby barber shop along President's Avenue in BF Homes, we came across this very bright and inviting sign that says "Gold Delight Ice Cream House." Of course, having my kids with me, they instantly pulled me towards the store. I was also curious so I decided to give in to my kids' wishes. 

Relaxing and fun ambiance thanks to the colorful chairs and pink ceilings. 
Waiting for their orders


Hot Ice Cream Coffee (P42)
Brewed coffee + vanilla ice cream in one. It was okay. 

Cookies and Cream Shake (P78)
My son seemed to have enjoyed this. 

Hawaiian (P37)
 A simple dough with cheese and ham. 

Lover's Delight (P78)
Wafers topped with scoops of strawberry and chocolate ice cream with lots of whipped cream and rainbow sprinkles plus a cherry! I can actually finish this whole serving without a fuss. 

Fries (P42)
Chubby fries that my kids actually enjoyed eating. 
As of now, we have visited this place 3 times already and my kids never get tired of eating here to eat simple snacks or simply to eat some ice cream. The store uses Gold Delight brand of ice cream for their desserts. 

They also have lots of different varieties of Gold Delight ice cream in stock for take outs
This is a good place to hang out and simply have snacks and desserts with family and friends. We're just lucky that this place is just walking distance from our home so we can have a quick ice cream fix whenever the craving occurs.

Gold Delight Ice Cream Shop
President's Avenue
BF Homes, Paranaque 

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