Friday, March 24, 2017

I Realized That I Was Thankful for the Wrong Reasons

Gratitude is something we express when we are thankful for something or for someone. People generally feels thankful after receiving a very expensive gift, after eating in a very expensive restaurant, or even having lots of extra money to spend for their pleasure. I am also guilty of being thankful for those things before I realized what was really important.

I was thankful for receiving expensive gifts every Christmas while I was growing up. It is indeed very normal for children to be thankful for receiving gifts that they’ve been wanting all year round. My dad also brought the whole family to expensive restaurants so we can try out good food and experience fine dining. I also remember receiving a lump sum of Php2,000 from a very generous godmother for my birthday, I was ecstatic because that’s a big amount of money back in the 90’s.

“Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues but the parent of others”

But now that I’m older, a wife and a mom of two, I began to see the other side of the coin or the things that truly matter. When I received those expensive gifts, instead of focusing on the toys I received, I should’ve thanked my dad for all the hard work he’s done to afford such gifts and making my Christmas wish possible. Once in a while, he also treats us to expensive restaurants because I realized he wanted to give the very best for us, his family. Of course, he also financed my education, our house, everything we needed. 

Thank you, dad, for everything. 

And for the cash money that I received that time, I was indeed very thankful for my godmother who gave it to me, but I should have at least wrote a “thank you” card or bought a simple gift to express my sincerest gratitude. I don't even remember what I bought using that money, but the feeling of regret for not letting her know how much I was thankful for her gift still remains. 

That is why today, I am grateful for my parents and siblings who continue to love me unconditionally and who’s always there for me to listen and to support. I am also grateful for my husband and children for the love and inspiration they provide me. Lastly, because I realized the importance of family and friends, I became closer to Jesus and really felt his blessing. So  I guess it’s safe to say that I understand his love a little bit more than what I read in  Religion textbooks in school.  I am very grateful to Christ for each day He gives me because each day is a chance for me to show my love and gratitude to the people who matter to me because I also want them to feel loved and cherished so they can also feel the gratitude I have for them.   

“If the only prayer you say is ‘thank you,’ that will be enough.”

Gratitude is a principle that I learned through self-discovery. I believe discovering what you really need to be thankful for is a key to inner peace and contentment. If you feel you are having a difficulty of what you should be thankful for or what's important in your life, visit and learn more about the principles of peace and how they can help bring you closer to the Savior.


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