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Overnight Stay in a Penthouse Suite in B Hotel Alabang

Last year, I won a gift certificate for an overnight stay in B Hotel's Penthouse Suite that was a sweet, sweet prize for me and for my family. Before the gift certificate expired, we made sure to set up a date before the Christmas holidays to use the GC and to experience what it's like to stay in one of the most talked-about hotels in southern Manila.

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Booking: Having a gift certificate requires you to reserve the room at least 3 days before your booking date. I called the hotel to reserve a room and I mentioned that I will be using a gift certificate. The reservation agent I talked to was very courteous and professional making my booking as easy as pie. She also reminded me to bring the gift certificate upon check-in, which is a crucial thing.

Travel to the B Hotel: Travel time was only 20-30 minutes via Grab Taxi because we live in Paranaque, and Alabang is just one of our neighboring cities. This is actually our very first time to stay in a hotel so close to our residence because we usually have our staycations in Makati.

Arrival: After doing a little research online, I became aware that B Hotel is a 3-star hotel. It has a smaller building compared to its counterpart, the Bellevue Hotel, but I never judge a book by its cover and I'm still excited from what the hotel can offer its guests.

When we arrived at the hotel, from the doorman to the guards up to the receptionists, they were all very accommodating and welcomed us with warm smiles. After seeing all those businessmen in the lobby wearing a suit and tie while I was wearing jeans and shirt, it actually made me feel uncomfortable or even intimidated. But thanks to the staff, they never made me feel I'm a lesser customer.

B Hotel's Reception Area
Check in: It had no lines maybe because it's an off-peak season for tourists or even for locals. We were instructed to wait for a few minutes as they prepare the room. When they finally gave the key cards for our room, we were all very excited like little kids going on a field trip.

This is actually one of the most exciting parts of a staycation, "the opening of the door," because you don't know what to expect.  We were excited, nervous, and anxious all at the same time. We stayed in Room 1208. 

Settling in at the Penthouse Suite

As we opened the door, all of us were like, "Whoa!" The room was very spacious. Lots of space for my kids to run or walk around. 

I was actually excited about the suite having a kitchenette because I thought I would be able to utilize them. The kitchenette includes a microwave, an electric cooktop (with an exhaust fan), a refrigerator, a sink, a thermos (with cups) plus a medium-sized round glass table with 2 chairs. The refrigerator has 4 bottles of drinking water on top.  On the other hand, the sofa set was really comfortable.

Note: Our kitchen didn't have cooking pots, plates, spoon and forks so I wasn't able to cook anything, which was quite all right because I didn't bring any food to cook anyways. 

A few minutes after settling in, I just have to turn on the TV, put my feet up, and just relax in the living room. At first, It just feels weird to watch TV when the TV is placed on the left-hand side of my vision range. The kids also checked the channels on the TV. They were disappointed to learn that there's no Cartoon Network

The Bedroom

Comfy queen sized bed and a nice view 

The bedroom is a separate room from the living room and kitchen which gives the people who want to sleep some privacy. Their soft queen size bed can only fit 3 people so one of us had to sleep on the sofa, and my hubby was very willing to sleep there because the sofa was indeed comfortable. He actually slept like a baby.

The bed was really comfortable. As soon as I saw it, I was immediately drawn into it and I just didn't want to stand up. 
This suite has 2 television units; one TV for me and hubby, and another for the kids :)

The Bathroom

The bathroom was clean and has complete essentials such as shampoo, conditioner, lotion, soap, and plenty of tissues. My kids were happy that the bathroom has a bath tub because it means they could soak and play with their toy boats and other water toys.

At Night

At night, dinner time has come and hubby was craving for some noodles from his favorite noodle restaurant in a nearby mall, Alabang Town Center. B Hotel also offers a FREE shuttle service for their guests from their hotel to nearby malls and vice versa on designated time schedules. So at around 6 PM, we boarded their shuttle or more specifically a van, and then departed as scheduled. We arrived in ATC after 10 minutes without the hassle and went straight to Luk Yuen.

After eating, we went back to our hotel. We contacted the hotel and requested for the shuttle service to pick us up at ATC. After a few minutes, we were picked up by the same van and went straight to our hotel.

We really thought we wouldn't fit in a queen size bed, but we lo and behold! We did! Well, as long as nobody moves too much, we're all good.

The Day After

Woke up at around 8:30 AM and just in time for B Hotel's Buffet Breakfast. So we went to the ground floor at Prime Cafe to have our heavy breakfast. :)

After breakfast, we went to our room to rest and savor the last hours of our stay. 

Having a nice cup of joe while looking at the wonderful view from our bedroom. 
At exactly 2 PM, we checked out. While waiting for our ride home, I decided to buy some ensaymada and some mini cakes in their cafe as pasalubong.

All in all, our stay in B Hotel was relaxing. I'd say it's really a hotel suited for businessmen, travelers, couples, or anyone who just wants to have some quiet time.

Thank you very much, B Hotel, for accommodating us and for the lovely and memorable day.

B Hotel

2107 Prime St., Madrigal Business Park,
Ayala Alabang, Muntinlupa City,
Metro Manila 1781, Philippines

Telephone number: 632-8288181

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