Sunday, April 2, 2017

10 Moments Life Sucked Because Mom is Sick

Unilab has posted a new video about daddy doing mommy things. You can see the video in this link:

The video simply shows that the dad is quite busy doing mommy stuff because his wife is sick so he's the one in charge taking care of the kids and the household. *sigh* I also remember the times when my own mother got sick. Although my dad didn't get all "busy" like that in the video because we had a helper in the house so she's the one charge of cooking and cleaning. But still, here are my 10 moments life sucked because mom is sick:

  1. We didn't get to see her during breakfast. 
  2. No warm hugs before going to school.
  3. No warm hugs when we go home from school.
  4. No one to ask us how was our day.
  5. At the back of our minds, we always of think of when will mom get better. 
  6. The house was quiet like there's no life in it. 
  7. There was no one to talk to about anything.
  8. ...
  9. ...
  10. It's just different without mom. 
Haha, sorry. I know I cheated, but I think you already got my point. It's just different when mom is sick or when someone in the family is sick. And that's when Unilab products come in. I make sure we always have the essential medicines in stock in the house like Biogesic for headaches or minor fever, Bioflu for flu, and Ceelin vitamins for the kids' daily need of Vitamin C. 

Sickness is inevitable, but I believe in the following quote: 

"It is better to look ahead and prepare than to look back and regret." 

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