Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Frugal Fragrances That Fancies the Senses

I am the kind of person who's not very sensitive when it comes to fragrances. When something smells too strong for me, I turn it down. But when a perfume smells nice and all of my senses just like it, then I would consider buying it. The next thing I would check is the price if it's within my budget. Being a mother of two and has to rely on a paycheck to paycheck doesn't give me much liberty to buy luxurious things. 

Surprisingly, there is an online shop that sells wonderful fragrances, yet, super affordable even for students. offers them and they sent me 2 fragrance bottles to test out:

Aeris (20mL). 
Price: Php 180
Description: Captures a woman’s flirtatious personality with combined sweet scents of raspberries, strawberries, blackcurrant, magnolia, and lilies. Stays on skin all day and even longer if sprayed on clothes.

The description says it all. I can actually smell the berries mentioned without being too strong for the senses. This is something I would wear for romantic ooccasions.

May (30mL)
Price: Php 180
Description: This romantic and clean fragrance is made of a combination of rose aromatic oils and citrusy oils with hints of water lily, magnolia, white violet, carnation, and ginger. It is light, warm, and overflowing with positive vibe.

May highlights your beauty during casual and formal occasion. Its scent continues to blossom the longer you wear it.

May's scent was sort of sporty to my senses because it's slightly stronger than Aeris. I even asked my husband if he liked the scent and he said he did, but he also asked me if it's for men. I said, "According to the website, it's for women." I guess that tells me that this fragrance can be unisex (for men and women).

What I liked about both the fragrances were they smelled really nice and their prices are incredibly cheap. Plus, the scent really lasted long. When I sprayed it on my clothes, it actually lasted for 4 to 6 hours. Not bad for their prices.

Do check out ( ) for more affordable fragrances both for men and women. They also offer personalized fragrance according to your specifications. They're absolutely perfect for gifts to someone or just for yourself. 

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