Hotel Review of Hotel 101

Hotel 101 Manila
It was my hubby’s birthday so I decided to surprise him with a 3-day stay at a hotel that’s within my budget. Then I learned about Hotel 101, a 4-star hotel, that opened its doors just a few years ago and it's very near the Mall of Asia, so I decided to give it a try for my family's staycation. An overnight stay usually costs Php4,000, but I was able to buy cheaper hotel vouchers online so it was worth it.

When we arrived at the hotel, I realized it was not a stone throw away from Mall of Asia. You have to walk almost 1 kilometer to get there. It's easy if I walk by myself, but having kids and all, it's pretty tiresome so we would probably get a Grab Car just to get to MOA. But good thing Jollibee is literally just beside the hotel building so going there is a piece of cake. There's also a 7Eleven convenience store at the ground floor of the hotel so guests can buy their essentials there. 

Very spacious and clean. Not much furniture around, but I am not complaining. The kids love the space and I love its minimalist look and cleanliness. I also noticed there were plenty of families checking in, which gave me an impression that Hotel 101 is indeed a family-friendly hotel. 

Hotel 101 Manila Lobby

Check –in
Check in was 2 PM and we arrived just in time from Paranaque via Grab Car. The check-in process was a breeze. We already made reservations ahead of time so the receptionist simply asked for my ID and the gift certificates to be used. (Yes, I purchased 2 vouchers online ) After  2 minutes, I was given a key card for the room and a password for our room WIFI.

Hotel 101 Manila Hallway

Tiled floors (no carpets) and no aircon. It's okay for us as long as the floors are clean.

We checked in at Room 1210. I believe all rooms are called "Happy Rooms" with 21 square meters in size. They have the basic amenities with a few exceptions that really stood out for me personally:

Hotel 101 Room

  • The room has 2 beds; 1 single bed and 1 queen sized bed. A family of 4 can really fit comfortably into those beds compared to 2 single beds. Each bed was covered with fresh clean linen sheets and the pillows were also top of the line; very comfortable to use, which I love. 
Hotel 101 Amenities
Extra sink and a microwave!
  • The room has an extra sink! I was so happy about it because I no longer have to wash our utensils in the bathroom sink which I normally would do in other hotels without a sink. This is the most useful spot for me in the duration of our stay. 
  • One of the microwavable food we bought in 7Eleven 
  • Our room has a microwave! The microwave is the 2nd most useful thing in our stay next to the sink. Since there's a 7Eleven at the ground floor, we were able to buy some microwavable food and used the microwave to heat them. I also heated some siopao, pizza slices, etc. during our stay. 
Hotel 101 Mini Bar

  • Food and drinks in the mini bar are quite cheap so we ate the chips and drank all the colas because everything was affordable. 
Hotel 101 View
I really loved the roller blinds.

  • The roller blinds is really a nice touch for me. It gave the room a modern and neat look compared to regular curtains. It also gives us a full view of the window when the blinds are up. The window has two blinds; one semi see-through if you want the light to come in the room, and one block out style to totally block the sunlight. 

I personally like that "Happy" wallpaper at the back of the TV

Sleeping like a baby
  • Lastly, their 48-inch LED TV! I mean it's the biggest TV we've had in a hotel staycation compared to other hotels we've been on. Thanks to its huge size, we really enjoyed watching TV during our stay especially the kids. They watched Cartoon Network all day. 

  • In addition, in-room WIFI was also pretty fast so we can do almost anything online such as browsing, Facebook, make my blog, and more. 

There's only one Pokestop in the area. Not much Pokemons around
No bath tub here, but that's okay. Water supply is strong and water heater works well. Unfortunately, the hair dryer was not working.
A glimpse on the bathroom. Everything is neat and clean. 

The pool was really nice. We only stayed in the kiddie pool because my kids are safe there, but we really enjoyed it. The water was a bit warm that really felt nice and relaxing. Beside the kiddie pool is a jacuzzi, which unfortunately I haven't tried. A major plus for me is that there's an active lifeguard on standby and always on guard, which made me feel safer. And also, no need to bring towels because they give free towels for guests to use. You just have to return it when you're finished.

Hotel 101 Pool
Aerial view of the pool from the 12th floor

A few things to consider: 

  1. The hotel has no room service so if you're the type of person who likes to order room services, unfortunately, they don't offer it. 
  2. The floor in the room has no carpet so it's very cold when you're not wearing slippers. 

Overall, our Hotel 101 experience was very enjoyable. The kids loved it especially swimming in the pool. We really look forward coming back here in the future. I personally recommend this hotel for everyone, especially for families. Thumbs up to Hotel 101!

Thank you, Hotel 101, for an enjoyable stay!

Hotel 101
EDSA Ext, Pasay, Metro Manila
(02) 553 1111

Disclaimer: Our hotel stay is paid by myself and it was not sponsored by anyone.