Monday, April 3, 2017

What I Did to Achieve a Normal Delivery

My kids are already 9 and 4 years old respectively and both of them were born through normal or vaginal delivery. Other mothers said I was lucky because I was able to undergo a normal delivery. They tried to do the same, but circumstances during delivery are very different to each and every mom, and if the doctor thinks the mother is in danger, he/she has the final say if the mom has to undergo a cesarean section.
Me and the kids
At first, when I became pregnant, I also thought of having a c-section because it’s fast, effortless, or even painless compared to normal delivery. But when I asked my mom, who had a C-section with my younger brother 20 years ago, she said that it hurts like hell when the anesthesia wears off and recovery time takes longer.  That’s when I decided to have a normal delivery instead. It’s cheaper,  offers fast recovery time, and has benefits for the baby.

So when I was set on having a normal delivery, I thought of reducing my carbohydrates intake such as rice.  I replaced it when wheat bread and then ate any viand I want. During breakfast, I ate cereals, bananas, and milk. I really had a craving for milk and cereals during my first pregnancy so this change of diet was a piece of cake for me.

I may be dieting, but I also made sure that I monitor my baby’s weight if it’s within normal range by visiting my OB-Gynecologist every 2 weeks. I also made sure to take prescribed vitamins such as Iron capsules and one of those vitamin-fortified mommy milk such as Anmum, which I really loved the taste.

At the start of the 3rd trimester, I got rashes on my tummy's skin. My doctor said it was probably the weather because it was hot (summer time). She advised me not to use any strong soaps to wash it. Water or hypoallergenic soaps would be enough and it did disappear eventually.I also experienced some slight itching on the nipples and it was really irritating. Sometimes I no longer wear a bra because it somehow lessened the itching. Some mommies were asking me what I did to make it go away, but personally, I didn't do anything but didn't wear a bra. It just went away on its own in my case. ( Click this link for more info on how to relieve itchy nipples: pregnancy/)

Then D-day came and I was already feeling the contractions. At first, they were just mild ones and then every hour from then on, the contractions became more painful so I told my husband that it’s time to go to the hospital. I waited 2 hours in the emergency room while my husband was trying to get a room for my admission. Then I was sent to the delivery room (not a private one) where I was also with 2 other moms who were about to give birth.

Me after giving birth
While I was in pain, a doctor, whom I didn’t get the name, whispered to me if I wanted to have an epidural or a painless delivery for P10,000.  I declined because we didn’t have the money, so I simply pushed real hard when the doctor said it was time to push. After several excruciating pushes, I heard my baby cry. Unfortunately, right after that, I fainted and fell asleep. I woke up in their recovery room which was a major bummer for me because I didn't get to see my child right away. I saw my baby the day after.

The very next day, we checked out because I was already strong enough to go home. 3 days later, it was like nothing happened. I fully recovered physically and my baby is healthy.

So that’s that, my dear readers.  Simply reduce your carbs, replace them with fiber, and don’t forget to take vitamins. Oh, and do some minor exercises if you can and always visit your ob-gyn for regular check ups. For more pregnancy tips, visit Check Pregnancy and you might get some interesting tidbits. 

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