Sunday, May 14, 2017

Belo Summer Soccer Cup 2017: My Son's Very First Soccer Tournament

Today is Mother's Day and we spent the day waking up as early as 6 AM to eat a heavy breakfast, get dressed, and then go to Ayala Alabang Village for my son to participate in the Belo Sun Expert Summer Soccer Cup 2017. It's my son's very first time to participate in a soccer tournament so we're all pretty excited. 

We arrived at exactly 8 AM at the Cuenca Field inside the village where all the participants gathered and were oriented about the program. My son belongs to the Messi Magicians purple team. 

Before every game, the coach gives some advice and strategies to do for the players. 
Let the games begin
Each game lasted for 10 minutes under the scorching sun. Thank goodness there's a nearby Rustan's supermarket right beside the field so I went and bought a sunscreen lotion for my son before the game started. There's also a nearby Starbucks so parents can enjoy a Frappucino while watching the game.

The games started at around 8:30 AM and then ended at around 11 AM. The purple team made it to the championships so the game got really exciting for us. The white team became the champion and my purple team was second. We were still very happy with the outcome of the game because my son really enjoyed his experience and he met some new friends, too. No other Mother's Day gift can surpass this good feeling of mine right now. 

Things to take note before going to a soccer tournament: 
  • Since it's super hot, bring a Coleman with ice cold water. There are also nearby food carts near the place that sells iced tea, Milo, and the like, but if you prefer water then I suggest you bring plenty. :) 
  • Don't forget the sunscreen! My son was playing under the sun for more than 3 hours so get the highest SPF sunscreen you can find but hypoallergenic, too. I bought a Beach  Kin sunscreen for kids that costs a whopping P300+ for a small bottle.  I really had no choice because it was the only sunscreen available at the supermarket. That's before I realized that there was a booth selling some Belo sunscreens for a cheaper price (huhu).
  • Bring extra clothes for your child, small towel, alcohol, wet wipes, and some snacks if you don't want to buy food from food carts. 
This is the best Mother's Day gift for me to date: to see my son excel in the sport that he loves and he's loving it. So to all the moms, Happy Mother's Day to all of you! I hope you also enjoyed your day as much as I enjoyed mine. 

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