How To Apply for A Postal ID in Paranaque

How to Apply for a Postal ID in Paranaque

Just last week, I decided to apply for a postal ID simply because I needed another government ID to use for identification. Thanks to my brother who previously applied for a postal ID, he gave me a few tips on what to bring before actually going to the postal office to prevent delays.

How to Apply for a Postal ID in Paranaque
Paranaque Central Post Office

Before going to Paranaque Post Office, here's what I submitted and you need to bring: 
  • Very important: Baranggay clearance. I went to our local baranggay office first to apply for a baranggay clearance and they processed it quickly in 10 minutes. I paid P20. This is needed for proof of residency. If you don't have this, they will simply send you home to get one first. 
  • One photocopy and the original NSO copy of your birth certificate
  • One photocopy and the original SSS or Passport or Driver's License. 
  • One photocopy and the Certified True copy of your Marriage Certificate (for married applicants)
  • Filled up application form ( form available on site)
  • Bring 504.00 pesos for the ID fee. 
Make sure you know your SSS/GSIS number, TIN number, and height in cm. because you'll be writing these in the application forms. 

Here's the official poster of the requirements for further clarification:  

How to Apply for a Postal ID in Paranaque
Click the picture for its bigger size

The step-by-step process of the ID application: 

How to Apply for a Postal ID in Paranaque: Directions
Yes, you read it right. The official application fee for the Postal ID is P504
I actually went on a Wednesday and the place was quite relaxed; not much people around the area. There were probably four of us applying for an ID at that time. I think it took me just an hour to finish the whole process; 20 minutes for filling up the 2 forms.

It's been a week since my application and I'm still waiting for my ID to be delivered to my address.  I will update this blog post once I got my ID. 

Thanks for reading!

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