Thursday, June 29, 2017

Pororo Multivitamins for Kids!

Do your kids love Pororo? Well, mine do. Do you want your kids to stay healthy and strong? Well, I do, too. That's why I'm really thankful for discovering the Pororo Multivitamin Chewable tablets for kids (and adults, too)!

What are the Pororo Multivitamin tablets?

Pororo Vitamin C Plus is the NO. 1 multivitamins in Korea. It is KFDA and FDA Approved. Pororo. It contains Vitamin C, Lactobacillus, Calcium, Xylitol, Vitamin D. Adults can take 3 chewable tablets per day. It actually tastes like fruity candy with a very slight sour taste (due to the vitamin c) that as you chew it, you will taste the slight sweetness that surely your kids will love.

I thought it was good timing that I found out about these tablets because it's already school time and my kids need all the protection they need from sickness. Its packaging is also very convenient because each tablet is individually packed. It can easily be placed inside my son's front pocket so he can take one tablet in school anytime he wants. 

 Let me just share with you one funny story. I actually got 2 sheets of Pororo Multivitamins just laying on the table for 5 hours from the time they were delivered.  Then when I finally had time to take a picture of it, only a few tablets remain! My husband and my son said they took some tablets and ate them immediately because they were so yummy. My son got attracted to the Pororo design at first thinking that it was candy of some sort, but he became more delighted when I said they're multivitamins and that they're good for him. :)

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Regular price: P450 of 30s Tabs 
Promo price: P120 of 30s tabs

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