Monday, July 17, 2017

Manila Ocean Park and Hotel H2O Experience 2017 (Part 2)

When we returned to our room after a tiresome tour around Manila Ocean Park, upon opening the door, we were all stunned to see drops of water leaking from the ceiling of our room! I forgot to take a picture because I was busy talking to front desk over the phone about our dilemma. 

After their maintenance guy confirmed the leak, we were informed that we will be transferred to another room, the Aqua Room Supreme. I started to think that the leak was a blessing in disguise because I've always wanted to stay in the Aqua Room Supreme with my family, but it's just not within our budget. I remained calm and told the front desk to give us 30 minutes to repack our things, while deep inside, I was screaming "Yahoooo!". When the bellboy arrived, he assisted us with our things and guided us to our new room. It took us about 3 minutes to walk along the hallway because the room is farther from the front desk compared to our original room. So as we were walking, the bellboy was assuring us that our room is going to be bigger and better.  

The Aqua Room Supreme

The Aqua Supreme Room
My children were very excited to see the new room. It's definitely bigger. It has a bigger aquarium, bigger space, and bigger work desk. The bed, however, is still the same queen sized bed. 

It has a bathtub!
One of the biggest assets of the room is its bathtub. My kids got excited seeing it and they immediately jumped in to test it even without water yet. It was fun seeing them take a bath, but it's pretty exposed for adults to take a bath there. My husband and I just used the separate shower during bath time. 

The Bath area (The sink/toilet/shower recess)

We settled in for the night enjoying our new room. 

Manila Ocean Park (2nd Day Tour)

Yexel's Toy Museum
The first thing we visited on the 2nd day is Yexel's Toy Museum. There were lots of unique toys being displayed such as Lord of the Rings collectibles, Star Wars statues, Marvel character statues, and a whole lot more. It really brought out the kid in ourselves. After the tour, there's a toy shop where you can buy some toys as souvenirs. 

Birds of Prey
We went to the "Birds of Prey" and we saw plenty of Philippine hawks inside. Taking pictures are strictly prohibited so I wasn't able to take a picture unless you're willing to pay the staff to take a photo of you. We went there at around 11AM and it's an open area so it was pretty hot at that time, but seeing the majestic hawks was just awesome. It's still worth the visit for me. 

The Sea Lion Show
The Sea Lion Show started at 4:30PM and it was a bit hot because we were facing the sun as we watch the show, so be sure to bring an umbrella/cap or anything that can cover your eyes or head. The show was okay. The seals showed some synchronized swimming and some tricks for entertainment. Well, the kids were happy so we're happy. The show's duration was about 30 minutes only. 

We weren't able to visit the All-Star Bird Show and the Penguin Talk Show because we missed the time, and so we decided to go around the vicinity and do a little shopping instead. 

Manila Ocean Park is not only a place for fishes and marine life, but it's also a place for "tiangge" shopping. We all enjoyed looking around and ended up buying some fidget spinners, hair clips, and other toys for the kids. 

And since we're spending our last moments in Ocean Park, we're taking selfies in every corner of the place before the sun sets.  We went back to our room afterward and spent more staycation time to savor every last minute. 

Overall, our stay was satisfactory. The kids enjoyed the fishes, the birds, the seals, the hotel, and there were lots of food choices in the vicinity so there's always something to eat for everyone (e.g. Potato Corner, Wendy's, Sisig, etc.). It's definitely a nice place to bring your entire family to. Thank you, Manila Ocean Park and Hotel H2O, for an awesome summer ending. 

Did I miss something in my review? Do you have questions about our stay or something you need to clarify? Do send me a message or comment it below.  

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