Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Forti-D: Your Serious Protection Against Vitamin D Deficiency

We’ve all heard about the importance of Vitamin A (for eye sight), vitamin B (for growth), Vitamin C (for the immune system), but what about Vitamin D? Vitamin D plays an important and serious role in our health, too.

Vitamin D Deficiency is strongly linked to Chronic Diseases such as Cancer, Heart Failure, Diabetes, etc. This is because studies show that 36 of our organs and tissues are regulated by Vitamin D, including our heart, lungs, brain, and bones, which just proves that Vitamin D is a much-needed vitamin as much as the others. 

At my age of 36 and my liking to sweets, I am very prone to Diabetes so I seriously need my Vitamin D. Sometimes, I would walk in the mornings to get the morning sunshine as much as possible saying it’s a great source of the said vitamin. But most of the time, we can’t see the sun in the morning especially nowadays that it’s the rainy season. In other words, not all get the sufficient Vitamin D requirement they need. In fact, 7 out of 10 Filipinos are Vitamin D Deficient (based on a study conducted with Hi-Precision Diagnostics, where 8200 Filipinos from key cities in the Philippines were tested for Vitamin D Deficiency)

Vitamin D-Deficiency happens because:

1. It’s hard to get enough Vitamin D from the sun (indoor lifestyle, clothing, skin color, aging, and use of umbrellas or sunscreen limit Vitamin D absorption)

2. It’s difficult to obtain from food (RDA of Vitamin D is equivalent to 40 eggs / 8 glasses of milk / 800g of salmon / 2 cans of tuna flakes every day)

I do love eating scrambled eggs, but eating 40 eggs is just impossible or even drinking 7 glasses of milk a day. Thankfully, Unilab (my trusted healthcare brand) understood the importance of Vitamin D and has developed Forti-D. 

Just 1 Capsule of Forti-D a day gives your daily requirement of 800IU of Vitamin D.

Start serious protection today with Forti-D

For more information about Forti-D, you may visit the following sites: 

Seryosong Proteksyon, Simulan Ngayon!

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