Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Nash Coffee: My Partner in Life

Coffee has been a part of my everyday adult life. It has become an integral part of my daily routine. I don't think I can function very well without drinking a cup coffee to perk me up and start my day.

Every day, I do my work, tend to my family, do household chores, among other things. It easily gets me tired, but I still continue to do what I'm supposed to do. My (obvious) reason is that I love my family above all else and I want to support my husband financially. But the question is what physically drives me to do what I must do every day, and stay strong and positive? It's my "KARAMAY sa BUHAY”. Our daily life’s journey is so much easier with our “karamay” by our side and one of the things that we found to be by our side is coffee.

When I was young, I  really didn't care much about the quality of the coffee I'm drinking. I guess I was still at the age when I was open to almost all kinds and all flavors of coffee. Now that I'm 36 years old and my taste buds have become quite a bit selective,  there's one coffee brand that  captured the flavor that I yearn for in coffee drinks and that brand would be NASH.

NASH Coffee offers three variants that have become part of our daily lives: Nash Aroma, Nash White and Nash Brown. Each variant has the right mix of coffee and sweetness that is right for each time of the day.

The three Nash variants: Aroma Coffee, Brown Coffee, and White Coffee.
Each sachet retails at P5.00
Our breakfast meal would not be complete without coffee in it. In fact, most often than not, coffee has also become a complete breakfast meal for us who are always on the go. We wake up and start our daily grind very early in the morning and to boost and jump start our day, our “Karamay” coffee is there. It is that coffee AROMA taste and smell that gives us the perkiness and energy that we need.

Aside from being the best breakfast partner, coffee has also become an after-meal drink. It has become the drink of choice to either complete or supplement our meal. Our “karamay” drink has gone through a lot of face lift just to satisfy the particular need in a day in the lives of the Filipinos. From the black coffee flavor, it became WHITE coffee to give us the sweet after meal drink. White coffee has become my favorite drink since college and I believe it's also quite popular with millennials nowadays.

Sometimes when the weather is hot, I do want my coffee to be ice cold like the picture on the left. Perfect for Nash White Coffee and Brown Coffee. The picture on the right is a picture of my heavy breakfast partnered with black coffee. 

The Brown coffee is my personal favorite. I drink it almost every afternoon during coffee breaks.
Of course, when it's almost the end of the day, coffee really remains to be the go-to beverage of Filipinos for an instant energy boost and provide the last kick that we need. The BROWN coffee is the perfect coffee type for this setting as it is a balance of bitter coffee to provide the energy boost. 

There are no guarantees in life, but we still struggle and do our very best in order to succeed. And to go through this daily struggle, it's comforting to know that we have a sure “karamay sa buhay” that would keep us going like Nash Coffee. 

“NASH masarap ang buhay kapag NASH ang karamay” and this is the NASH culture!

Here's Nash Coffee's commercial for your viewing:

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