Friday, October 27, 2017

ChocoVit: Multivitamins in Chocolate Flavor

Does your kid love chocolate? I know mine do and they're crazy over it. The moment they see any type of chocolate, they would ask me immediately if they could eat it. Of course, sometimes I say yes and sometimes I say no. It's hard to say no sometimes because I would literally see the happiness instantly disappear on their faces. 

Another question, how about vitamins? Are your kids crazy over it?  In my case, after giving my kids some vitamins, I would always see that "maasim" or sour face from them and then they would drink water immediately. 

Fret not, mommies! There's a new vitamin brand that will surely excite your kids and its name is ChocoVit. 

Chocovit Syrup

ChocoVit is a carefully formulated food supplement that provides essential vitamins and minerals for children! As a bonus for the kids, it's deliciously flavored in chocolate that kids really love. 

Chocovit Syrup


There's an on-going promo happening on ChocoVit's Facebook page. Order these vitamins through their Faacebook page and you get freebies!

Check out their Facebook page now at

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