Friday, October 20, 2017

I Ordered Luk Yuen Through Food Panda and Paid Using My Paypal

Are you looking for restaurants that accept Paypal as payments? Just today, I need to order food for lunch, but I don't have cash. I only have a $30 balance in my Paypal account. Shakey's was an option, but we were craving for Chinese food.

So I visited Food Panda Philippines website ( and checked on my food options. 

Foodpanda Accepts Paypal

After typing out my address, I go to the "Filter" on the left-hand side of the panel and clicked "Online Payment Available." Then all restaurants accepting online payments will appear. 

restaurants that accept Paypal

Luk Yuen was an option so I clicked Luk Yuen, ordered from their menu and then checked out. Here are the payment options available: 

I was so happy that they now accept Paypal so I ordered right away. 

Luk Yuen accepts Paypal
My orders

That's it! I wasn't able to take a picture of the food we ordered because we were so hungry. It was nice because the website also has a real-time map of where the rider is currently located so you can monitor where your food is. :D 

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