Monday, October 16, 2017

Lemon Water, Weight Loss, and More

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I wrote a previous blog post about lemon water helping my menstruation period. It’s been a week now since I’ve been drinking lemon water and I have to say I really feel great, better than last week. Just to give light on my situation last week, I was having some mild palpitations whenever I eat (rice and a viand). I also have no energy to walk and I often experience vaginal itching. Thankfully, everything I have mentioned are gone ( as of now ) including the feminine itching, plus, I always go to the bathroom to urinate twice as much compared before which is good for my body.  Of course, aside from lemon water, I also added some fiber in my diet such as cereals in the morning with low-fat milk or a sandwich using wheat bread.

I am already 36 years old so my body is beginning to become more sensitive to my lifestyle. I did try going to the gym before, but it only lasted for 2 months because I can’t keep up going to the gym especially since I already have kids. That’s when I decided to try to start with my eating habits by adding something healthy into it. Weight loss is not my main goal, but instead, I want to feel healthy and active. If I do lose some weight in the process then that would be a bonus.

Speaking of weight loss, I remember back in college, Orlistat (popularly known as Xenical) became very popular because it effectively washes out the oils from the food you eat and my friends recommended it.  I tried it for a week, but the oils that come out of me is just uncontrollable probably because I was fond of eating oily foods, too. Since I couldn’t give up eating my favorite food, I gave up the drug instead. I really wished I didn’t because if I did eat healthily, fewer oils would come out and it would have become more manageable. Well, for now, I’ll just allow myself to enjoy the lemon water and then maybe I might return to Orlistat when I’m ready for a major lifestyle change. 

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