Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Why I Love Tin Cans Over Boxes

I super love tin cans and my son, too! Tin cans are very economical, safe for the environment, and they're long-lasting! My son currently has a few tin cans of his own where he keeps his precious Pokemon cards. I also have a tin can of my own where I put my sewing kit. The red tin can was given to me as a gift where there's a moisturizer and a small face towel inside, which was really nice and unique. 

Pokemon Tin cans
My son's Pokemon tin cans
I also saw in an anime entitled "Grave of the Fireflies" where the little girl really loved her tin can because that's where she stores her candies. The setting was during the World War II in Japan. That specific tin can became popular in Japan and I think it's still a bestseller especially for fans of the said anime. 

Candy Tin can from Grave of the Fireflies
The candy tin can 
I really love the packaging of that candy tin can to the point that I also wanted to buy one. I also got curious about what the candies tasted like, but unfortunately, I have to order overseas and I don't have a credit card so I guess I'll just wait until it becomes available in our country. I think it's only available in Japan. 

Since the holidays are just around the corner, I suggest you try to consider using tin cans as gift packaging instead of boxes. They're more durable and I'm pretty sure the recipient can use it, too, for other purposes. For more information about tin cans, you can check out http://tinplate-products.com/. 

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