Business Meetings Can Now Be Held at McDonald's

Finding office spaces in Manila for your meetings could be quite a challenge especially when you're in a tight budget. Coffee shops would be nice, but what if you have an average of 10 people and above? I bet coffee shops wouldn't cut it.

Did you know that McDonald's offers its party places for corporate meetings as well?  I went to McDonald's BF SouthPark branch yesterday and I found a mini booklet at the side that intrigued me. The cover says, "Meetings @ McDo: Good Food. Great Business Meetings."

I was happy to know that McDonald's now opens its venue for business meetings so let me just share with you what the catalog indicates:  

What's Included? 
A. Conference room with seating layout s required
B. Meal option inclusions (Consumables or Set Meals)*
C. Room rental fee
D. One coffee break (morning or afternoon)
E. Basic technical equipment

  1. One (1) projector
  2. One (1) projector screen
  3. One (1) flipchart
  4. One (1) Extension Cord
  5. One (1) microphone

F. Business meeting Amenities (good for 30 pax)
  1. One (1) decanter of coffee
  2. Notepad five sheets (5)
  3. McDonald's Pen
  4. 4. Complimentary water

*Meal Options

Option 1: Consumables

Choose your a la carte meal. Minimum of 30 set meals. You may also order additional food items on top of the packages. 

Package A
Php5,000 for 2 hours
(Php 4,500 consumable food & drinks)

Package B
Php7,000 for 3 hours
(Php6,500 consumable food and drinks)

Package C
Php10,000 for 5 hours
(Php9,500 consumable food and drinks)

*Additional Php 1,000/succeeding hour (food consumable)

(Click the image for a bigger view)

Breakfast a la carte
Breakfast a la carte McDonald's

Regular a la carte
Regular ala carte McDonald's

Option 2: Set Meals

Choose a set meal for everyone. Minimum order of 30 set meals. You may also order additional food items on top of the packages. (All meals include One (1) McDonald's pen and notepad (5 sheets). 

Breakfast Meal Package 
(Available until 10:30AM only/minimum of 30 pax)

breakfast meals McDonald's

Lunch & Dinner Meal Package


Snack Meal Package

Office Layout

McDonald's office layout

McDonald's office layout 2

You are also free to add some freebies for your attendees to make it more interesting such as pens, planners, or even  custom-designed silicone wristbands for young professionals. 

 Please take note that I got this info from McDonald's BF Southpark branch (Tel. No. 935-2436). Contact your preferred McDonald's branch and ask first if they offer this package. 

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