Sunday, December 10, 2017

Gifts You Should Never Give Your Girl

Choosing a perfect gift that will be able to tell your beloved person about your true feelings is tricky enough, especially on the holiday’s period. 

People come with high expectations, but the final result may be extremely unsatisfactory. However, as you browse the shelves of every store that happens on your path through the mall and rack your brain for some original ideas, there are a few things that should never make their way into your girl’s gift territory and now we’re happy to share this unique knowledge with you! Visiting our Blog you can find many interesting answers to such questions.

1. Soft toys
A teddy bear may look like a lovely idea if you’ve got only one shopping day (or even less) at your disposal and you are already too desperate and confused, but keep this simple rule in mind: if your eight-year-old sister would like it, confidently scratch this idea off your list. Although many women appreciate sweet and adorable gifts, anything associated with furry toys or pink heart-shaped photo frames just won’t fully do their job to impress your princess. Grown-ups present spa treatment certificates and shiny trifles in jewelry boxes.

2. Apparel
Wonder why your girlfriend literally lives in the mall, spending numerous hours for shopping? With all the offerings - sizes, colors, and fabrics, God knows what else! Even she has trouble finding clothes she actually likes. So, what makes you suppose you’re going to score that 3-pointer and fit right well with that red dress? You definitely do not wish to be in hot water when presenting her a jumper that’s almost two sizes larger or just completely not her style. That’s why any piece of clothes is one of those gifts you should never give your girlfriend.You’d better play it safe and a buy a gift card to her favorite store.

3. Men-themed items
Want her to share your passion for fishing? You won’t tempt her by gifting a box of bows or even a Japanese spinning. Just because she’ll get the gear for your favorite hobby, doesn’t mean she will suddenly demonstrate an interest in it. Same goes for tickets to sporting events, because, you know, watching a football match with you will hardly make her a sports fan. Those are some really bad gift ideas. If you are possessed with an idea of a gift that involves some activity, get your hands on tickets to a concert of her favorite artist. Spend a night singing with her to Justin Bieber and watch how fast you rise in rank in your relationship.

4. Supplies for cooking
Do you think getting her a skillet, a blender or a waffle iron will make you look like a superhero in her eyes? Nah, buddy. Not even close. On the one hand, it’s practical, no doubt. But on the other - will it make her jump for joy? Not likely. Not to mention there’s a direct implication for her to go and make you a dinner. Only one way some minor kitchenware can be at least a little presentable - if it’s owned by her favorite world-class chef.

5. Gym membership
Yup, a membership card to a fitness club is in the list of the gifts you should never give your girlfriend. Among the cookies and holiday cakes, diets are usually being blown left and right. So, gifting your sweetheart a gym membership can be seen as an unspoken ascertaining of the fact she’s out of shape. After all, women are super sensitive about their bodies. So, if she wasn’t planning to go working out in a gym, you’d better throw away such “gift”.

6. Stationery
Unless that pen is made of solid rose gold or the notebook is leather-bound with a signature of a Mr. Big Shot, then avoid giving office supplies as gifts. No girl wants to unwrap a Christmas present and find a Hello Kitty spiral notepad with a $1.50 pen coming with it, no matter what color they are.

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