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Dinosaurs Around the World Exhibit at the Mind Museum

My 5-year-old daughter just loves dinosaurs. I actually thought of going to Pampanga just to visit the Dinosaur Island, but it's just too far and we didn't have the time and budget. That's why when I found out that there's going to be a Dinosaur exhibit in Mind Museum, I looked for tickets online right away. I saw the Dinosaurs Around the World promo in Metrodeal last December and I bought it right away.  I knew I just have to have it so my family come and see the moving dinosaurs. 

I got the P1900 for 3 tickets last December which I think is a good price because it's already inclusive of Mind Museum tour. So last Sunday, we went to the museum in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig to see what they have in store for us. 

Sunday is the best day to go with the family because there's not much traffic from Paranaque going to Taguig and vice versa. We easily parked our car in the paid parking area just a few steps from the Mind Museum. As we were just a few steps away from the museum, we could already hear the dinosaur roars welcoming us which gave us the chills and thrills at the same time. My son initially got scared, but he got over it immediately. From afar, you can already see the humungous Spinosaurus being displayed near the entrance, and it's moving!

The Dinosaurs Around the World Exhibit

The exhibition features advanced animatronics, authentic dino casts, an engaging narrative, and immersive design elements in an around-the-world adventure. At first, I thought there would be plenty of moving dinosaurs inside the Mind Museum. But as it turns out, the two dinosaurs being displayed outside near the entrance were it. Yes, there are only two big dinosaurs in the exhibit, the Spinosaurus, and the Tyrannosaurus.

Here's a short video of the huge T-Rex at the exhibit: 

The good news is you can stare at them as long as you like. I actually never got tired looking at them at the site especially the kids because they move every 5 seconds and they do roar. They also displayed a few picture charts and infographics which are great for dinosaur research. Bonus points also for the sand play areas where kids can dig out dinosaur bones. 

Sand play areas

Thanks to the exhibit, I just learned that Spinosaurus was the world's largest carnivorous dinosaur, even larger than the Tyrannosaurus rex! They stalked fish at the water's edge as well as small prey, such as infant dinosaurs. 

The dinosaur exhibit is indeed a cool place to take your kids especially if they have a liking for dinosaurs. You just have to hurry because the exhibit is only here for a limited time only.

The Mind Museum

After the dinosaurs, we proceeded inside the Mind Museum to check out what's inside. Here's a collage of images of what we saw inside. Of course, there were tons of images not included, so it's best if you visit the place.

The Mind Museum is a haven for science enthusiasts. We were able to see the sound exhibit, the effects of earthquake exhibit, the shapes of the moon, and a whole lot more! I actually got tired because of information overload about science, but that's just me. Most of the exhibits/displays are interactive so I was really hooked on how they explained things which caused the "overload."  My kids seemed to really enjoy running around and looking at the exhibits. The huge T-Rex skeleton is indeed one of the main attractions of the place and it's impossible not to take a picture of it.

Different areas of science were tackled in the museum such as biology, botany, geology, physics, technology, and such. I believe there was also a planetarium inside, but we weren't able to go in because we were worried that our little toddler might get scared of the dark. We were able to finish our tour for almost 2 hours.

Note: Make sure to wear comfortable shoes when you visit! The museum is indeed pretty huge and it has 2 floors. It's air-conditioned so strolling around the place wouldn't be a hassle.

Where Did We Eat? 

There's only one fast food chain right outside the Mind Museum and thankfully it was Jollibee! My kids love Jollibee. Every one of us got really hungry after the long walk inside the museum. So if you plan to visit anytime soon, don't forget to add a little budget for food. In addition, if you would walk a little farther just right behind the Science at the Park and after you cross the road, there's a Burger King restaurant. The choice is yours.

Science in the Park

After we ate, I thought our stay is already finished, but we noticed a park that looked like a playground at the other side of the museum and our kids insisted we go there so we visited the place to check it out.

Science in the Park is a science-themed playground for kids. There are slides, drums, telescopes, drums, and huge water cannons. It's a great place to unwind after all the information overload that went on inside the museum, also a good time to digest all the food we ate from Jollibee.

That's all there is! Do you want to share your experience or would want to add any details from the Mind Museum? Just comment them below. Questions are also welcome.

Tickets are available at the Mind Museum website or at Metrodeal.

Metro Deal

Mind Museum
Open from Tuesdays-Sundays (closed on Mondays)

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