Friday, January 12, 2018

My First Web Commercial of Moringa-O2

This actually happened 2 years ago when I won a contest sponsored by Moringa O2. I simply submitted to them my entry on how their products improved my lifestyle. More specifically, I used their Moringa oil to my yellowish toenail for 2 months and the oil eventually healed it. The people from the agency handling Moringa-O2 contacted me and scheduled for the shoot. 

The day of the shoot arrived. From Paranaque, I went to Pasig via cab. I was at the place at 5:30AM and we waited for other people to arrive. There were 5 of us who are going to do a web commercial plus the staff. We stayed in a big house with lots of rooms. I was assigned a bedroom where I can memorize my lines and relax while I wait for my turn. The others have started to do the shoot in different areas of the house - some at the living room, the kitchen, the lanai, etc. Mine was done at the stairs going down to the living room.  My work started at around 11AM. 

I thought everything was going to be easy, but it wasn't. Saying the exact same lines over and over again with a bright smile facing the camera while I think of what I will do next is very exhausting. Sometimes I would forget the lines because I was so nervous, but thankfully I have an assigned assistant who wrote my lines on a Manila paper and holds it as she stands by the camera so I can see them. After the shoot, my respect to actors, actresses, and even directors just leveled up because redoing scenes, again and again, is no joke. It's seriously hard work and dedication.

We were able to finish at the end of the day at around 4PM. After the shoot, we were given our cash prize plus a thousand-peso worth of Moringa products. 

You can view my commercial below: 

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