Sunday, March 25, 2018

2018 Pyromusical Experience in S Maison

It was the end of the school year and we decided to end it with a bang! So yesterday, we went to see the 9th Pyromusical Olympics that was held every year in SM By the Bay at the Mall of Asia, but we decided to try viewing it along the veranda at S Maison in Conrad Hotel that's located just across the bay (near the MOA Eye). It's our first time to go to S Maison, but I've heard it's a nice place to view the fireworks so we decided to venture into it. 

What made us choose S Maison to view the fireworks instead of Mall of Asia is simply because the restaurants there accept table reservations via phone even without any downpayment, and they're quite easy to talk to. Veranda restaurants in Mall of Asia require a downpayment to be paid to the store before the event date which is quite a hassle for us. 

Our restaurant of choice was Harry's Cafe de Wheels, an Australian restaurant where they serve meat pies, burgers, hotdogs, waffles, and a lot more. I simply thought my kids would like their menu better than other high-end restaurants has to offer. 

They are offering package meals during the pyromusical together with other restaurants in S Maison. We chose Package B because there was 7 of us (5 adults, 2 kids).

Next to Harry's is a Taiwanese restaurant named Mazendo. They offer the following package for the pyro event (as seen in the pic below). If you prefer noodles over burgers, then Mazendo is a good choice for you. A lot of other restaurants are offering food packages so it's best that you go to the mall yourself and choose the resto you like best.

Click or download the picture to see the actual size of the photo. 
We arrived at S Maison around 4:30PM. Since we arrived early, we went to Harry's to confirm our reservations, chose our table, and paid our downpayment (any amount will do) and then we strolled to the mall to kill time. 

As we were strolling, I went out to the veranda on the other side of the mall and saw people hanging out in that area. I'm assuming they're waiting for the fireworks display. If they can view the fireworks here without paying anything then staying here might be a good idea. There were no tables or chairs, just an open area. 

At around 7:00PM, we proceeded to our table at the veranda. We chose the 2nd table to the farthermost right of the veranda because Harry's restaurant owns those tables. We didn't notice that the MOA Eye would block our view from the fireworks. We thought the barge (the boat where they keep the fireworks) would be placed somewhere else. 

This is our view from the table. 

The place started to get crowded at around 7:30. I thought maybe if we chose a different restaurant that has tables placed far from the MOA Eye we could get a better view, but in the end, we just let it go and decided to enjoy the fireworks nevertheless.

We chose Package B of Harry's for our food that night. We were required to buy a food package and then order a la carte if we want additional orders. Package B was priced at P3999 good for 6, which I think could pass for up to 8 people. I also thought it's a good (and cheaper) deal unlike the veranda restos in MOA that offer P1,500 per head. The only benefit you would get from the MOA veranda restos is that nothing blocks your way when watching the fireworks display.

I personally liked their crunchy fried chicken, the thin pizza, and the thick onion rings. The iced tea was also good, but the package only included 2 1-liter jars so that could fit just one glass per person.

The dessert box was also good. It consists of 8 blueberry pies and 4 soft and chewy brownies that my picky-eater son loves. We were able to eat it at home because we were too busy watching the fireworks.

In all honesty, the kids didn't eat much, only the adults appreciated the food. I should have ordered McDonald's fries or popcorn before entering the place so they could eat something while watching the fireworks together with some milkshakes from other restos.

Kids anticipating the fireworks
Fireworks display with the MOA Eye as the star 
The show started at 8PM.  China presented as the last competitor followed by a wonderful fireworks exhibition by the Philippines. After China's fireworks display, we had to wait an hour for team Philippines to present. This is a good time to go to the comfort room or buy anything you need before watching the next one.

All in all, the experience was still awesome. Both countries did not disappoint with their performances. It's truly a best way to end the school year.

2018 Pyromusical Olympics Winners:
1st place: Germany and UK (tie)
2nd place: China
3rd place: Italy and Canada (tie)

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