Wednesday, March 7, 2018

A Peek Inside the Philippine's National Museum of Anthropology

It was my children's educational field trip and I decided to tag along because the National Museum is included as one of their destinations. I've never been to the National Museum so I was pretty excited. 

When we arrived, we were notified that the other building of the museum was closed where the famous "Spoliarium" of Juan Luna is being displayed, so  I got a bit sad and disappointed, but a tour inside the Museum of Anthropology was quite interesting. 


No cell phones allowed and no bags allowed inside, period. We were only allowed a camera and our wallets to bring with us. They also have a baggage counter inside so you can leave your items there. I have to tell you that security inside this building is pretty tight - a lot of security guards everywhere and I can understand why.

Here are some assorted pictures inside the museum:

Ivory Trade 

Garing - The Philippines at the Crossroads of Ivory Trade
Just seeing this area made me understand why the place is heavily guarded. These precious items are made of pure ivory which costs hundreds of thousands of pesos each or probably more. We also weren't allowed to stay long in one area. We were advised to keep walking and not stop while we're in the line for security purposes. That's why my pictures looked like they were rushed - well, they actually were. I took them while I was moving. 

The San Diego

The San Diego - A Homecoming Exhibit
If I'm not mistaken, these are the items retrieved from the San Diego Galleon back in the 1600s. As we're walking along the area, there was no tour guide and we were walking too fast so I was unable to read the texts so I have not much info about these pictures I took. It's amazing to think that these artifacts are way older than you and me. 

Mindanao Culture

This next section is all about Mindanao culture. Here are some pictures of the exhibit. 

I was really amazed by their clothing. It looks really artistic and the style is just timeless. The culture in Mindanao is just rich, colorful, and full of life. Seeing this part of the exhibit makes me really proud to be a Filipino. 

These are all the pictures I could post on my blog because the rest was blurred. In conclusion, the trip was indeed educational for me and a good way to refresh my memory about our rich history and culture. I really would recommend students or fellow Filipinos to visit the museum every once in a while. You could also bring your date here. Just be sure to be properly dressed and wear your comfortable shoes because it's going to be a long walk. 

And we're out!
And we're out of the museum!  I have to say too much information could really tire your brain easily, so seeing this view after a long exhibit is definitely a breath of fresh air. 


While a visit inside the museum of anthropology is interesting for me, it might not as be as interesting for kids below 7 years old. I mean you can probably bring them along, but it's not the best place for kids to enjoy themselves. One thing for sure is that it's definitely heaven for history enthusiasts of all ages.

National Museum

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