Tuesday, March 6, 2018

My Amazon Items Delivered Right At My Door Step in the Philippines

I was excited to receive an Amazon gift card, which I received electronically worth $50 as payment from one of my blogging assignments. It's my first time to shop at Amazon, so I was pretty excited.  I went to Amazon.com, did some shopping, and got overwhelmed by their vast selections. At first, I was thinking of getting some clothes for myself, but the mom in me wanted to buy toys for my kids (ages 5 and 10, daughter and son) that aren't usually available in the local market or department stores to make them more special.

So in the end, here are the ones I bought: 

By the time I bought this, I swear I didn't see any Play-Doh like this in department stores. But just last month, I saw this in SM Department Store's Toy section (huhu). So if you're planning to buy this through Amazon, it's best you buy this in SM Stores. It's priced around P900. 

So after ordering from Amazon, what's next? I let my items get shipped to my US address via My Shopping Box (MSB). 

How My Shopping Box Works

When you sign up for an account in My Shopping Box, they will give you a U.S.-based address and that's what you will write down as your shippng address in Amazon. Amazon will then ship the items to your My Shopping Box address in the U.S. and then MSB will calculate the shipping fee for the items before shipping it to your address in the Philippines.  I paid the MSB shipping fee via credit card.

As an additional note, I took advantage of Amazon's free shipping feature so the shipment from Amazon to MSB is free. It took only 1 day for one item to be shipped to MSB while the others took 3-5 days. I waited for all the items to arrive at my MSB address before paying MSB for the shipping fee.  It was the week before Christmas so I think that's also a factor why the shipment took a while. 

When all three items were shipped to my U.S. address (via MSB) from Amazon, I then proceeded to pay the total shipping fee so they could ship the items to my actual address in the Philippines. 

My Invoice: 
  1. Bedtime Songs book - $11.96 (shipping fee)
  2. Play-Doh Doctor Fill and Grill and Discovery Kids Rock Gem- $17.94 (shipping fee)
Total: $29.90 shipping fee (via Sea Cargo).
If I were to pay via Air Cargo which is faster, I would have paid double the price. 

It was December 16, 2017 when the items were received by MSB. They were delivered to my door step at February 5, 2018

I just wanted to share that my 10-year-old son really was excited to  receive the Discovery Kids Rock and Gem Dig because he loves digging out gems. He says he wants to become an archaelogist when he grows up, so I thought this is the perfect gift for him. It's a great way to keep him busy far from using a cellphone, which is good. So if you're looking for a great gift for your 10-year-old or anywhere near that age especially for boys, then I would recommend this one. 

In conclusion, I would definitely use My Shopping Box the next time I would order through Amazon or through any US-based online shopping site for that matter. I had no problems with payment and no problems with the delivery of the items. The only teeny weeny comment I have is that while I was waiting for my items to arrive, there was not much information posted on their website as to where my items had gone. But aside from that, everything went smoothly. 

Do you want to sign up an account to My Shopping Box? Click this link now and start shopping. 

Any questions or comments? Do write them down the comments section below. 

*This is not a sponsored post.*

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