Thursday, March 22, 2018

Photobook: Photo Albums Made Easier

Back in the 90s, I used to be a collector of photo albums where I put my high school pictures. I would simply go to the Kodak store, give them the film to develop for printing, and then they give me the pictures. When I get home, I organize the pictures on the photo album. It sounds like tedious work, yes? Well, when I was younger, it was not. But now, it does sound tedious work especially if you don't have any more time to do so. 

Thanks to Photobook, I don't need to go through all that just to have my pictures organized. You can download the Photobook app so you can organize the pictures through the app in the comfort of your own phone. 

Download Photobook Albums and Prints app in Google Play and simply follow their very simple directions. 
After downloading the app, I chose simple books as my picture book with a decent size of 6" x 
6". I chose my daughter's 1st birthday party because I realized I still don't have any hard copy pictures of it. After arranging the pictures, I gave my shipping details and then paid via Paypal. It was really a smooth transaction. I actually finished the whole process while lying in bed. 

The shipping fee was P200 and I thought that's a pretty expensive shipping fee. But when the package arrived, then I knew why. Aside from being shipped by DHL, the parcel was shipped from Malaysia! All this time, I thought Photobooks was just a local printing company. I didn't know they're from Malaysia. 

This is what's inside the parcel:  

It's funny to see how Photobook's colors are similar to Facebook's. :) 

I was quite happy with the outcome of the album. Of course, if your picture is clear and in high resolution, then expect your pictures to be of high quality also. But if your pictures are in low resolution, then expect the printing to be less perfect. 

I love it. I love Photobooks. I'll make sure to have the app listed on my phone all the time so that whenever I decide to get a hard copy of my pictures and be shipped directly to our home, the app is always ready for me. 

This post is a sponsored post. I was compensated in exchange for this blog post. 

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