Monday, April 16, 2018

The Atrium Lounge at the Century Park Hotel Manila

During our 3D2N stay at the Century Park Hotel, we went to the Atrium Lounge to claim our free welcome drinks provided by the hotel when we checked in. They said we can claim it whenever we want so we claimed it on the 2nd day. 

The Fambam at the Atrium Lounge in Century Park Hotel Manila
The Fambam at the Atrium Lounge, Century Park Hotel Manila

My first impression on hotel lounges since I was a kid was that they are only suited for businessmen and the like. But when we claimed our free drinks, I realized that the lounge can also be a good place to sit down and relax with the family. The seats were also super comfortable so my boys were happy to play their Pokemon Go while waiting for our order. 

Century Park Hotel Manila Lounge
Panoramic view of the hotel
The Atrium was quiet meaning there was no sound nor music playing in the background. I did see a piano in the area, but I guess their pianist has a schedule. Staff was quick and courteous to us so our experience was pretty good. 

Manila Beer for hubby with complimentary nuts on the side
Free Manila Beer for hubby with complimentary nuts on the side
Century Park Hotel Manila: Complimentary drinks
Free fruit punch for me
Of course, the kids should have something, too, so we ordered them some treats. This is the time I needed to check on their menu: 

Century Park Hotel Manila: Atrium Lounge Menu
Atrium Lounge Menu

Century Park Hotel Manila: Strawberry Ice Cream
A scoop of strawberry ice cream (with free cone) for my little one

Century Park Hotel Manila: Oreo ice cream
Oreo ice cream for the big kid
Century Park Hotel Manila: Iced Mocha
Since I was not satisfied with just one drink, I decided to try their Iced Mocha and it did not disappoint. 
I wasn't able to take a pic of our receipt, but all in all, we only paid less than Php500 for all the orders. After consuming our orders, we walked around the area to take some pictures. 

We also noticed someone having their wedding reception at the hotel and they were taking pictures on in the area especially on the big carpeted stairs. The hotel lounge was indeed suited for a good photoshoot. We attempted to try to take a selfie on the said stairs and this is what we got : 

Century Park Hotel Manila: Stairs
The Stairs at the Lounge
Century Park Hotel Manila: The Lobby Shop
The Lobby Shop

We really enjoyed our time in the lounge. It's a nice place to meet up with your friends or your family if you wanted a quiet and relaxing place to go to.

This is NOT a sponsored post. 

Century Park Hotel
Ocampo Street, Century Park Hotel, 
Manila, 1000 
Metro Manila

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