Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Dinner At Olivia & Co. in S Maison

As we were strolling inside the S Maison mall (inside Conrad Hotel), we saw the Olivia and Co., a casual restaurant located in between the walkway at the 2nd floor near the movie houses. We had no plans dining there, but the food smelled really good as we passed by so we decided to stay and dine. 

We were really unfamiliar with the place, but it also gives that curiosity and excitement to try out what food they're serving. The venue is relatively small and could accommodate up to 20-30 people only. 

Without further ado, here is the food that we ordered: 

Burgers & Fries

Olivia & Co. : Olivia Sliders Board
Olivia Sliders Board (Php 435)
The first one to arrive at our table is the Olivia Sliders Board. They are three mini burgers that consist of one soft shell crab slider, one beef slider, and one pork belly slider. I was able to taste the beef slider and it was so good. In each bite, you could really taste the high-quality beef, the sweet bun, the onions and the sauce. I just loved it. Too bad I wasn't able to taste the others. They were gone in a jiffy. But based on that one burger I tasted, it's definitely a must-try!

Olivia & Co.: Sliders Board
A closer view of one of the Sliders board

Olivia & Co.: Truffle and Parmesan Fries
Truffle and Parmesan Fries (Php 155)
Next one to arrive is their Truffle and Parmesan Fries. Now, this is definitely THE BOMB! My sister and I just can't stop eating it because it was really good, good, good! I personally recommend you try this. The truffle and the parmesan flavor really blended well, definitely beats Potato Corner's truffle fries (No offense. I still love Potato Corner). 

Waffles & Cakes

Olivia's Signature Carrot Cake
Olivia's Signature Carrot Cake (Php 155)
My sister ordered this carrot cake because carrot cakes are her favorite. I also got to taste the cake slice and it was quite good thanks to the layers of cream cheese inside each slice. It's definitely made of sugar, spice, and everything nice. 

Olivia & Co.: Plain Waffle with Ice Cream and Maple Syrup
Plain Waffle with Ice Cream and Maple Syrup
As the description says, it's just plain waffles with ice cream and maple syrup on the side. If you like waffles without too many toppings, then this is the food to order. Their waffle itself is a bit crunchy on the outside and chewy on the inside, it has a bit of sweetness on its own. I personally like it. You also get to choose what flavor of ice cream to put on top. My sister chose the salted caramel ice cream and it's definitely a good choice as both flavors of the ice cream and waffle blended well. If you want to increase the sweetness level, just pour some maple syrup and it's just divine. 

Krispy Lux Waffles (Php 185)
Okay, I'm not sure if this was the Krispy Lux Waffles. Nobody remembers what kind of waffle they ordered and we lost the receipt already so I'm just guessing it's the Krispy Lux waffles based on the description of their menu from Zomato. They're crispy waffles with salted caramel ice cream on top drizzled with chocolate syrup and candy sprinkles. My picky eater son was able to finish one waffle. 

Olivia & Co.: Oreo Milkshake
Oreo Milkshake (Php 155)
Since my son loves Oreos, an Oreo Milkshake is a must-have for him. The milkshake was thick and sweet enough like Oreo ice cream was blended with it, and that's just the way he likes it. 

Olivia & Co.:  Cappuccino
Cappuccino (Php 125)
Each dining experience should be capped off with a good old cappuccino. That's just my personal preference since I love drinking coffee after eating a meal. I also learned that good coffee can be achieved by this method in this via sous vide cooking information found at this website: https://sousvidewizard.com with the help of their machines that can be found in this link: https://sousvidewizard.com/best-sous-vide-machines/ 
Olivia & Co.: Dining Table
Dining Table
My mom ordered an iced Cafe Americano as you can see on the upper left picture. She said it tasted bland, but we clarified to her that that's what the drink normally tastes like. She added some sugar to add some sweetness to it. 

All in all, our dining experience with Olivia & Co. was magnificent. Service was fast, staff was professional, and the food was downright delicious. The price is a bit high compared to average restaurants, but the food you get is definitely top quality. 

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