Monday, May 21, 2018

Early Dinner At Brooklyn Pizza BF Homes

Last night, we ate at Brooklyn Pizza BF Homes branch, just walking distance from our home. I saw a Metrodeal promo weeks before and I purchased it in advance (P350 for P500 worth of food) so we could dine there at a cheaper price. It was going to be our first time to dine in at Brooklyn so I was quite excited.

The branch in BF Homes is a bit small and could only accommodate up to 20-25 people. When we entered the place, I was expecting it to be cold because I know it's airconditioned. Unfortunately, when we entered, the air con was turned off so it was so hot inside. They just turned it on when customers were dining in. So while we're ordering our food, our sweat was dropping as we wait for the air con to cool the place. 

I recently reviewed their menu in Zomato and I was looking forward to ordering the Soda float. My son and I are fans of floats so we were eager to try it. Unfortunately, it was unavailable because the waitress said they had no ice available at the time so all floats were not available. Only sodas in can were the ones available (*sigh* sad). 
We ordered a medium-sized cheese pizza (P440), Creamy Peso with Chicken Parmigiana (P260), an order of fries, a scoop of vanilla ice cream, and 2 sodas. All in all, our food bill reached Php1495. 

The Food

Brooklyn Pizza BF HomesL Buffalo  Wings
Buffalo  Wings (Php 320)
The first one to arrive from our orders is their Buffalo Wings. Its aroma was quite strong assuming because of the sauce used. My daughter had that "maasim" face when the chicken was served because its aroma was really strong.  Surprisingly, when I tasted it, the spice level is just right - not too light, not too hot. I also was expecting it to be crispy, but it wasn't unfortunately. My husband and I were able to finish the whole plate, so the dish is okay. 

Brooklyn Pizza Fries
Second to arrive is the fries. Their fries don't usually look like this. We just requested that the sauce be separated because my daughter wants her fries to be plain. The white ones you see in the picture are cheese bits. The sauce/gravy that was served together with the fries which looked like a thick KFC gravy tasted so good. It was so flavorful and goes really well with the fries. 

Brooklyn Pizza :  Cheese Pizza
Cheese Pizza (Php 440)
Brooklyn's Pizza's specialty is indeed pizza so when our pizza ordered arrived, it really stole the scene. Even if its topping is only mozzarella and parmesan cheese, it tasted so yummy! My picky eater son loved it, too. The medium sized pizza was big enough for the 4 us and we were able to take some of it home. 

My husband ordered the creamy pesto with chicken parmigiana, but we weren't able to take a photo of it because we were so hungry. The pesto pasta was indeed creamy, but I'm not a fan of pesto so I probably won't order it again next time. I'll probably try their other pasta in the menu. The chicken parmigiana also didn't catch my taste because of its hint of sourness inside the chicken, which I'm not sure if it's normal because I never tasted Chicken Parmigiana before. I'll probably go with bacon mushroom next time. 

For my daughter's ice cream, she had a small pint of Big Scoop vanilla ice cream. She seemed happy about it so there was no complains there. 

Food was good, but I believe there are also some areas of improvement there that I want to address. Here are some points: 
  • Air con. I think this entirely depends on the owner of the shop and I can't really complain because most restaurants do turn off their air cons when there are no customers around, but still, it leaves a negative impact on the customers when they enter a restaurant and felt it was so hot inside (especially it's summer!). I do suggest turning it on an hour or half hour before the usual local dinner time? 
  • Ice. It's summertime, so I do think ice is the number one must-have in a restaurant because customers will definitely order some ice cold drinks due to the weather. 
  • Mosquitoes. I was actually bit thrice on my foot so I was certain there was a mosquito while I was eating. For sanitation's sake, I hope they could get rid of the mosquitoes there. 
  • Smile. I was amazed at the waitress who served us because she didn't take down notes while we're ordering and she memorized our orders instead, but she wasn't smiling even a bit. I noticed she started smiling when we were already leaving and when she said, "Thank you, ma'am. Come again." It wouldn't hurt if she smiled a little when she welcomed us, instead of smiling when we're already leaving.

So that ends our Brooklyn Pizza experience in BF Homes branch. For comments/suggestions, please do leave them in the comments section below.

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