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Benefits of Barley Grass Powder From Beauty MNL

When I first heard about Beauty MNL, my first impression was they sell only cosmetics, which I am not a big fan of. What I didn't know was they also offer more than that. Upon checking their website, I discovered they also have health and wellness products which piqued my interest. Beauty and wellness do come together so it does make a lot of sense. 

I won't lie about my age. I am currently 37 years old and my lifestyle does not require me to wear heavy makeup all the time because I work from home.  I only go out when I need to do errands, fetch my kids to school, or go to the mall which mostly happens on weekends. I only wear make-up when we're going to the mall, going to parent-teacher meetings, blog events, and the like. These events don't happen that often so I only have a few selected cosmetics with me such as face powder, lipsticks, and... well, that's it.

The Online Shopping Experience

Thanks to the generosity of Beauty MNL, I was given an opportunity to choose the products I desire from their wide selection of items on their website. At first, I was looking at lippies and foundations. They do have lots and lots of lipsticks which made me a bit frustrated to choose which one to buy. Thankfully, most products already have ratings from 5 stars to 1 star depending on the user's experience with the product. There were also honest reviews from fellow customers indicating their experience with the products they have tried and it tremendously helped me decide whether to buy a certain product or not.

I wasn't satisfied with just cosmetics, so I browsed further and stumbled upon a blog post about a girl buying Barley Grass Powder from the website and losing weight in the process. I really got curious because the girl's inactive lifestyle is very similar to mine such as working 8 hours or more in front of a PC, very little physical activity, and eating lots of carbs and junk food. In other words, we were both living an unhealthy lifestyle.

So instead of buying more cosmetics, I decided to choose wellness. I looked for a product that could help me improve my health and eventually improve my outer appearance during the process. You know what they say - beauty comes from within.

Beauty MNL: BGC Weight Loss Package
I finally decided to buy the BGC Weight Loss Package. It costs P3,000. It was a hefty price so it took me a while to decide to buy it or not, but I realized that it's my health we're talking about so that price is definitely worth it. The BGC Weight Loss Package consists of the following:
  • One (1) pack of Premium Barley Grass Powder (1kg), and;
  • One (1) pack of Green Coffee Extract (125g)
Buying in Beauty MNL online was a breeze. I selected the product, the product was placed on the cart, I paid the product via Beauty MNL points and credit card, and voila! The shipment is on its way. I also got FREE shipping because I exceeded their free shipping requirement of buying a minimum of P1,000 worth of products. 

Package arrived!

Fast Shipping

I ordered this on a Friday and I got it on Monday morning! Take note that it was the time that the rain was really pouring because of the monsoon rains, but still, the rider made sure to deliver them asap to their recipient. 5-stars on shipping! I also liked the packaging - it's so pink and girly! I felt like a happy little girl given a birthday gift. 

BGC Weight Loss Package from Beauty MNL
BGC Weight Loss Package

Barley Grass Powder Benefits from Beauty MNL

First Try on the Barley Powder

I simply followed the instructions on the package that I should place 1-2 tablespoon of Barley powder in fruit juice before breakfast. Since I don't have a blender, I bought a 1L Tipco juice (Broccoli and mixed veggies flavor) from the grocery store. In a small glass, I would pour the juice and mix it with 1 tablespoon of Barley grass powder. I made sure to finish it before taking my breakfast. I decided to use a small glass because I was afraid I might not finish a big one.

Barley Grass Powder

The taste is actually good. I didn't have a hard time liking the drink. The taste is similar to the powder used in Starbucks' Green Tea Frappe. Well, that's just my personal opinion. At least it doesn't taste like grass haha. 

5 Days After Drinking

More Energetic

As of today, I didn't lose weight. I weigh exactly as my first day because I was still eating the same amounts of food I used to eat, BUT I actually felt healthy and I felt extraordinarily energetic. There was a time I went outside to do some errands and usually when I want to go home, I would ride a tricycle. Interestingly, I decided to walk since my house is just a half kilometer away and I wasn't even tired when I got home. I also lessened the need to drink coffee because I feel wide awake when I work. I used to drink 2-3 cups of coffee a day just to stay active and awake, but now, I only drink a small cup of brewed coffee a day because I do miss the taste of coffee. 

No More Sodas

I started to dislike drinking sodas. Just yesterday, I drank a half glass of root beer and I started to feel uncomfortable and a little bit dizzy probably because of the sugar content. I wasn't able to finish the glass. I drank a glass of water afterward and I felt better. It's funny because I never experienced that kind of feeling before after drinking sodas. I guess it's also a blessing in disguise since sodas aren't good for me after all. I also didn't crave for sodas anymore. 

Better Sleep

The best thing that happened to me so far since I started drinking the Barley Grass Powder is that I started to sleep better. This is one thing I am extremely thankful for. I used to have difficulty sleeping and difficulty waking up causing stress and which is also why I used to drink lots of coffee. When I lie on the bed with my kids ( I cosleep with my kids), I wait for them to fall asleep and when they do, I fall asleep right away also, which doesn't happen before. When I wake up, I feel energized and wide awake thanks to a good night's sleep. 

Better Skin

Now, I think of this as a bonus. Since I sleep better and I would drink water often instead of sodas, I started to notice my skin becoming softer. I don't even use moisturizer anymore. I barely even use foundations nowadays. I only use it on special occasions. My husband also teased me and said that I was blooming. It actually felt kind of nice. 

Got more energetic with Barley Grass Powder  
My husband and I would now often bike around the village to get some exercise. Is this a start of a lifestyle change? I surely hope so, but I am taking baby steps at a time. I surely don't want to surprise my body of a drastic diet or sudden lifestyle change, but it is a start. 

All of these benefits happened just in 5 days of drinking the Barley Grass Powder. I'm really overwhelmed. For a 37-year-old like me, I'm starting to enjoy my life once again. Having lots of energy naturally is just plain awesome. I get to spend quality time with my kids more thanks to the energy I got.  Thank you, Beauty MNL! 

FYI: I still haven't tried the green coffee extract because I already drink brewed coffee once a day. So I'm thinking of using it during the days I will not drink coffee (probably on weekends) and resort to a hot chocolate instead where I would use the coffee extract. 

The BGC Weight Loss Package is available in Beauty MNL in this link:  

Beauty MNL 

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