Saturday, June 30, 2018

Karaoke at Home: How to Make Your Laptop A Karaoke Machine

To have the best karaoke experience, you primarily need to have a microphone, a song source, and excellent speakers. The only difference between karaoke videos (videoke) and other song tracks is that the lyrics are shown on the screen. These lyrics are taken out from its audio file. You can make a selection of songs from Youtube, iTunes, etc. and play them on a karaoke.

Buying a complete karaoke machine can prove to be very expensive as compared to using your laptop for the same purpose. So you can try out setting up karaoke on your laptop or PC. Hence, to easily access karaoke on your laptop or PC and know how doing this will hugely benefit you, follow the below-mentioned steps:

Select a player

There are a plethora of karaoke apps and websites that you can choose from. Some famous ones are Karaoke Channel, Karafun, and Red Karaoke. They offer thousands of songs to select, which you can purchase or play for free. You can also apply for a weekly or monthly subscription on these websites and apps. You can also connect a karaoke machine to your laptop.

Add a Webcam and Mike 

You need an external microphone for setting up a karaoke as at a party; leaning over the laptop’s built-in mike might take away all the fun. You can buy a professional external microphone and USB mike pairs. Don’t worry; these devices will be easy on your pocket. But yes, if you need a mike of superior quality that is sure going to cost you extra bucks.

Connect speakers  

Most laptops have built-in speakers and they are not powerful enough for creating a successful karaoke set up. You can buy a good pair of speakers and connect them to your laptop’s headphone jack or USB port. Again, these speakers won’t be that costly so you don’t have to worry about the costing. In addition to this, you can also get a pair of speakers that have resonating bass. These speakers will come with a subwoofer and two tweeters to have a fine karaoke experience.


Converting your laptop into a karaoke machine offers various benefits. See for yourself and you will realize that doing all this is worth a shot:

1.       You can play files of almost every famous karaoke format be it MP3+G, CD+G, zipped MP3+G, MIDI karaoke etc.
2.       You can easily alter the pitch of a song by using a decent karaoke player on your laptop because it will come with an embedded key changing tool. This will make the voice of the person using the karaoke player even more refined.
3.       Another thing that you can do is record your own voice and listen to it later. This feature will greatly help you in improving your singing skills.
So, now you know what is required in order to turn your laptop or computer into a karaoke machine. It is not that costly and you can easily give your family and friends the experience of their lifetime. 

You can also try karaoke on laptop to know more. 

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