Monday, July 2, 2018

Watch Out For These Pests While Traveling

Summers and springs are a great traveling time for people who love to spend their time outdoors. You can go on long hikes and enjoy the beauty of nature. But with these exciting plans comes the risk of pests that might spoil you fun-trip. So here are a few pests that you need to watch out while you are traveling. It will help you know how to avoid them.

1. Yellow Jackets: Yellow Jackets have a tendency to sting someone in the fall and summer season when they aren’t able to get their natural source of food i.e other insects. They are extremely extensive and can give quite painful stings. Yellow Jackets are usually found hanging near trash cans and outdoor meals. 

2. Bees: Usually Honeybees aren’t aggressive but they attack if feeling threatened. These bees can only sting someone once before they die. Bumblebees have the capability to sting many times and usually do it to defend their own nests. So, stay away from them, or they might feel threatened and sting you.

3. Wasps: Wasps or paper wasps are big, black colored bees that consume nectar. They feed small insects to their larvae, which are nested in their umbrella-shaped papery nests. These Wasps do not generally attack someone unless provoked to do so. Cow killer ants or Velvet ants, are a category of Wasps and can be seen on a ground, running erratically in the summer season.

4. Fleas: Fleas are parasites, which feed themselves on warm-blooded bodies and suck their blood. They are usually seen sucking on the skin of household pets. They have the ability to travel on blankets, pants legs, shoes, and other stuff that get them into the house. Flea bites are extremely itchy and result in painful red bumps. They can even lead to dermatitis. 

5. Snake: Though snakes do not fall into the category of pests, these are one of the most dangerous things that you need to stay away from, if you are out traveling, especially on a hiking trip. While some snakes are not venomous but some contain deadly poison and their bite can lead to death.

So if you are camping, make sure that you shake and open all sleeping bags, clothing, boots, and luggage, before using them so as to dislodge the snakes or scorpions that might have taken a refuge inside it.

Also, check the ground before you sit at a tree-base. Never sleep on the ground and always use a camp bed or a hammock to sleep in, while you are on a camping trip. Also, if you come across a snake, then do not provoke, attack, corner, approach, or disturb it. Stay still and let it slither away.  The cootonmouth snake bites are extremely lethal, if not treated timely.

 So make sure, that if you get bitten, do not take the wound lightly. Here, is all that you need to know about the pests that you should stay away from while you are traveling. Wear long boots and full-sleeve t-shirts so as to keep yourself safe. 

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