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Expandable Batons vs. Self-Defense Stick – Which is better?

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Despite both weapons looking like a normal stick, there are significant differences when it comes to comparing an expandable baton (also called extendable baton) and a self-defense stick.
Many self-defense sticks are mainly wooden while expandable batonsare mainly made of steel or metal alloys. See expandable batons.

Both weapons, though, use force as the mode of self-defense to inflict pain and damage on sensitive body parts.

Choosing between expandable baton or self-defense stick

Self-defense stick (also called humble baton) is among the oldest forms of weapons used for self-defense.
Generally, a humble baton is often cheaper than the extendable baton. This is mainly because of its simple design as compared to the expandable baton.
In the case of compactness and concealing of weapon, the expandable baton is much more useful since it can expand with the flick of your wrist. Many self-defense sticks are fixed and cannot be adjusted to smaller sizes.
However, choosing between a self-defense stick and an expandable baton depends on your preference, affordability, and capacity of storage.

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Pros and cons of an expandable baton and a self-defense stick

Expandable baton pros
·         Extendable hence can reach certain long lengths allowing you to strike your attacker before they can pounce on you.
·         Most of them are made from metal hence can inflict serious damage to your attacker depending on your force of swing thus allowing you time to escape and get help.

Expandable baton Cons
·         While swinging your extended baton, you can accidentally hit an innocent person.

Self-defense stick pros
·         Simple in design hence easy to use as compared to the extendable baton where you have to make it enlarge.
·         Cheaper than the extendable baton thus highly affordable.

Self-defense stick cons
·         Fixed – Most of the humble batons are fixed hence inconvenient for traveling with.
·         Proximity – As they do not extend, you can only effectively use it on your attacker when he/she is in a close proximity to you.

To wrap it up, both expandable batons and self-defense sticks are a good form of non-lethal weapons. They are used in any situation of attack and require little training in their usage.
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