Monday, October 29, 2018

Our Dreamplay Experience in Hyatt City of Dreams Manila

For my son's 11th birthday, we decided to go to Dreamplay in City of Dreams, Manila simply because we've never been there and we wanted to see what's in store for us. 

City of Dreams is actually a hotel and casino area and Dreamplay is situated at the 2nd floor of the building. When we entered City of Dreams going to Dreamplay,  we walked right by some gambling areas, Starbucks, and plenty of high end jewelry shops. I was thinking maybe after winning from gambling, they can use their cash prize to buy some jewelry for their girlfriends and such.

Family picture first before entering Dreamplay

Before entering the premises of Dreamplay, you must first buy tickets. Here are their ticket rates: 

Weekday Pass: Php 680
Weekend/Holiday Pass: Php 880
Children below 80cm: FREE

Things to take note: 
  • No Food/Drinks Allowed. Though I was able to bring a small water bottle for my kid. 
  • Slippers are NOT allowed
  • Pets NOT allowed
  • Smoking NOT allowed

When you enter Dreamplay, you would instantly notice the colorful statues of the cast from the movie, Madagascar. Taking pictures with them is just a must. 

Madagascar characters
We missed the Wall of Destiny and decided to try out other activities first. My son probably didn't feel like climbing a wall at that time. 

Whatever Floats Your Boat

This was our first stop in Dreamplay and we really enjoyed it. First, each of us were given a paper sail where we can write our names, draw on it, or simply doodle on it to give our own boats an "identify." Then afterwards, the boat race started! There was actually no time limit, but there was a finish line. We did the race 4 times because the kids really enjoyed seeing their boats float through the current. They can also "manipulate" the current by using the "air guns" available. By using these guns, a strong wind will blow through the boats' sails making them move faster. 
Whatever Floats Your Boat

My daughter pressing the buttons to activate the water obstacles

Shrek's Swamp Stomp

Next is we went to Shrek's cute little home. It was a replica of Shrek's home from the movie. Here are a few pictures: 

It may not look much from the pictures, but the table and the furniture in this house is huge - huge enough to fit an ogre. 

A romantic picture of Shrek and Fiona 

Cooking with Gingy

This is the place where you can make your own gingerbread. We reserved our slot in advance and we took the 11:50AM slot. They need reservations because they can only take up to 20 people per session only. It was quite fun. We were able to design our own gingerbread and eat it afterwards! 

Everyone is serious in baking their own gingerbread! It was really fun.


You simply have to climb the stairs and push some buttons and the head of the dinosaur will move. 

There are plenty of different slides inside Dreamplay so my daughter really enjoyed her time while trying the low slides. Take note that are also slides that are too high for her that probably are more suitable for 10-year-olds or higher. 

Chez Gingy

There's a nice restaurant inside Dreamplay called "Chez Gingy." We weren't able to try their food here because we're scheduled for a lunch buffet at The Cafe in City of Dreams with my siblings and with my mom. Here are some pictures I took including their menu: 

Dreamplay Menu
There's popcorn!
Ice cream!
While walking around the place, we were able to come across Tigress! 

There were still plenty of places we weren't able to visit. The Dream Theater wasn't available because the movie already started and they're not accepting walk-ins until the next cut off. 

Overall, our experience was okay. Unfortunately, there was no super wow moment for us. The kids did enjoy, but when I asked if they want to go back again, they were not that enthusiastic to say yes. 

Dreamplay also accept kiddie parties. You may inquire through their landline or through their Facebook account for more information. 

Asean Avenue corner Roxas Boulevard, Entertainment City
Paranaque City, Metro Manila, Philippines

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