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My 6-Year-Old Had an Eye Check Up in Star Finder Optical Shop

Since it's Christmas and I already have extra budget with me, I decided to have my daughter's eyes checked. My 6-year-old is currently wearing eyeglasses which she wears to school and at home. Since it's been 2 years since she had her first set of glasses, I decided to have her eyes checked in an optical shop because she would always blink her eyes due to gadget use (sigh, yes I'm guilty of allowing her to use gadgets, but now I'm no longer allowing it). I thought her glasses needed an upgrade.

Since there's a Star Finder Optical Shop (SFOS) just a tricycle ride away from our home in BF Homes, Paranaque, we decided to go check it out for my daughter to have her eyes checked. SFOS is a Korean optical shop, but most of their employees are Filipinos so you wouldn't feel like an outcast when you visit the place. As far as I know, almost all optical shops have an ophthalmologist available to have their customer's eyes checked before having their glasses. 

The visit was a breeze. We were immediately accommodated by the nice saleslady, asked our details, and apparently they do keep records of their previous customers so I was a bit surprised that I had a record from them. I totally forgot that we've been to that place two years ago. We were called by the ophthalmologist to have my daughter's eye checked and let her read the letters (like the usual eye exams). 

The doctor's findings was that she still has the same grade as her eyeglasses now so there's no need to change it. He just noticed that her eyes get dry quickly which is the reason for her blinking. He asked, "Does she use gadgets?" I immediately said yes, she did. Obviously, he said the risks of using too much gadget-use for children. I  also asked if I can use EyeMo eye drops for her when her eyes get dry, but he didn't approve because she was too young. Older people can use eye drops, but since my daughter is just 6, her eyes are still capable of getting them lubricated naturally. So there, no eye drops for now. 

I was also fond of how reasonably priced their frames are. I used to go to popular optical stores before and I remember spending minimum of Php2,000+ just for the frames. I had to find frames that are for sale to find a set of frames that fit my budget. But here in Star Finder, you can find as low as P500 worth of frames. 

How to protect your children's eyes from mobile phones or gadgets
Php 1,250 per frame
Their glasses are very lightweight and perfect for kids, too. I bought one for my daughter and upgraded her lens from normal lens to blue cut lens. 

P2,290 per frame

Multi coated Lens vs BlueCut Lens

How to protect your children's eyes from mobile phones or gadgets

A simple difference between multi-coated lens and blue cut lens is that blue cut lens have better protection against blue rays coming from gadgets like mobile phones, monitors, etc. The sales lady even showed me how the two are different. 

How to protect your children's eyes from mobile phones or gadgets
Multi coated vs BlueCut

How to protect your children's eyes from mobile phones or gadgets
Multi coated lens
She used a blue light pen and used it with the multi-coated lens. The light went through the multi-coated lens so it shows it has no protection against blue light. I believe these lenses are used mainly against ultraviolet rays, not against blue light from gadgets. 

How to protect your children's eyes from mobile phones or gadgets
BlueCut Lens
On the other hand, when she used the blue light pen against the BlueCut lens, only a very small portion of the light went through the lens. After seeing this, I immediately said that my daughter's lens to be changed into BlueCut lens. We only waited 20 minutes for her glasses to be done. 

Star Finder can be found in different locations in Metro Manila. I think I also saw one branch in Festival Mall, Alabang. I personally recommend you visit their shop for your eye wear needs. 

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