Friday, March 15, 2019

Stop Tossing and Turning and Look to Some Comfortable Bedding for Your Semi Truck AmIowa

Drowsy driving occurs when a person who is driving a motor vehicle is too tired or sleepy to remain alert. As a result the driver may have slow reaction times, reduced vigilance and impaired thinking. In the worst case the driver may fall asleep behind the wheel. The result is often disastrous and fatal.

Accidents are most common late at night and early in the morning as it is the body’s natural sleep period, though it can happen at any time of the day. Older adults are more likely to have a drowsy-driving accident in the mid-afternoon.The best thing to do when you feel like you’re about to doze off or lose focus, pull over at a safe site to take a short nap of 15-20 minutes. If you drive a semi truck frequently, it’s advisable to get a couple of semi truck sleeper accessories stashed in your vehicle.  A truck mattress can bring great relief to road-weary muscles and joints while providing you with the much-needed power nap before you get back on track.

Don’t get the impression that if you are out on the road doesn't mean you can't be comfortable or take proper naps. provides a huge assortment of semi truck bedding, semi lug nut covers, truck accessories and parts which you can order online at your fingertips.

Severe drowsy driving accidents most often occur at high speeds on highways and other major roadways. Drowsy driving accidents can occur at slower speeds too. In many cases, drivers who are drowsy make no effort to brake or avoid an accident as he lacks the focus and presence of mind due to weariness. Oftentimes, at least one vehicle may veer off the road.

To prevent drowsy driving and accident while driving, get a full night of seven to eight hours of sleep before driving. Try to avoid driving late at night and driving alone. Get someone to drive with you. On long haul trips, share the driving with another passenger.  Pull over at a rest stop and take a nap. You can also use caffeine for a short-term boost. has everything you need to get a good night's rest even after a tough day. Shop for sleeper sheet sets, various size mattresses, travel pillows and chrome hubcaps for semi trucks to make your cab cozy for your long haul drive.

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