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Dinner at Sze Chuan House Manila

Sze Chuan House Manila
Sze Chuan House since 1977
I've always wanted to try Sze Chuan House situated at the lobby of Aloha Hotel along Roxas Boulevard, Manila. I've heard that they really do offer authentic Chinese food so I tagged my family along to take a peek at their menu and try out what's good to eat.

About Sze Chuan House

A symbol of authentic Chinese cuisine that offers a delectable Sze Chuan specialties exquisitely prepared by Executive Chefs from Sze Chuan province, China. The only Sze Chuan restaurant in the heart of Manila. Established in 1977, the Oriental setting encourages dscrimininating diners to savor the ensemble of fiery dishes in elegant table settings. 

The Walk Ins

So at dinner time around 6PM on a Black Saturday, we walked in the restaurant. We were the only customers at that time. I really thought it was a casual restaurant, but it actually was a Chinese fine dining restaurant. The ambiance was very good and very relaxing thanks to the oriental setting, elegant table settings, and the Chinese instrumental music they were playing on their speakers. Air conditioning was strong so you don't need to worry about the hot weather. A lot of waiters were also standing by to wait for our orders and tend our needs.

Our Orders

Their menu offers a vast range of Chinese cuisine, and a lot of them I was not familiar with, so I went with the familiar (and affordable) ones. It was silly of us that we brought only Php1,000 for our dinner budget in this place. But with that price, we ordered the following:

Sze Chuan House: Sze Chuan Chicken and Salted Fish Rice
Sze Chuan Chicken and Salted Fish Fried Rice

My husband and I decided to order the Sze Chuan Fried Chicken and Salted Fish Fried Rice. My husband also ordered Lomi, but he failed to take a picture because he was too hungry already.

Thankfully, all the dishes were winners to our taste. The fragrant salted fish fried rice was tasty enough that you can eat it on its own without any viands. I really prefer this over Yang Chow fried rice. Its saltiness was just right and the rice was cooked just right together with the rest of the ingredients with it (scrambled egg, fish meat, and a few veggies).

Sze Chuan Chicken
The chicken almost similarly tasted like sweet and sour pork, but instead of pork, they replaced it with fried chicken cuts, which actually worked. The dishes that was supposed to be good for 2-3 people were finished only by two hungry people within 5 minutes. 

Overall, our orders were:
1 order of Sze Chuan Chicken
1 order of salted fish fried rice
1 order of Lomi (which was really good also)
2 iced tea

The total bill was around P900+. It's a hefty price compared to fast food, but it's really worth it if you're after good Chinese food with good ambiance and good service. It was actually a great place to impress a date or treat your family to a special occasion.

Sze Chuan House
2150 Roxas Boulevard cor. Quirino Avenue
Malate, Manila, Philippines

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