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The Tiki-Tastic Easter Party Experience at Midas Hotel 2019

Midas Tiki-Tastic Party Tickets
Midas Tiki-Tastic Easter Party Tickets

Last April 21, Midas Hotel was our choice of Easter Egg Hunting because it's the only one that offers a convenient time for us, plus they have the most reasonably priced tickets. Each ticket costs P1,500 and that's good for one kid and adult already. 

From our room at the 4th floor, we went down to the Midas Tent where the Easter Party will be held. Registration was simple and fast. Upon registration, we got some freebies and the kids immediately got their free loot bags (picture of contents are shown at the end of their post) . We proceeded to the photo booth  were we had our picture taken.

Upon entering the air-conditioned tent, I saw plenty of food booths (not free) where you can choose from ice creams, hotdogs, kikiam, drinks, etc. You just have to pay for them. 
Midas Hotel Tiki-Tastic Easter Party Experience 2019
Food stalls (with payment) were available all around with free use of Trampoline. 
There was egg painting and coloring for the kids before the event started. We were informed that they will pick the nicest ones so we had to hold on to our colored eggs so we did. 

These were the winners of the first game. My son and daughter went up the stage to claim their giant egg prize (2nd and 3rd from the right). Picture from Midas Hotel Facebook Page.
There were hula dances which I'm guessing were made by Midas Hotel employees and games for the kids. We were lucky because I was able to get a number under my seat so we got a big egg as a prize. :) My son also enjoyed the juggler show. When my youngest started to get bored during the games of other kids, we went to the free trampoline play area which she enjoyed very much. 

Midas Tiki-Tastic Easter Party 2019
Midas Tiki-Tastic Easter Party 2019
During the middle of the program, we were told we can already claim our free meal box  (includes burger, chicken, and banana bread inside) with juice.

Midas Hotel Easter Party Meal Box
 Meal Box
I guess one of the reasons why the price for the party is cheaper than the others because they didn't offer a buffet meal which we really don't mind at all. The meal box were only given to kids. I was able to eat one set and I have to say they're quite delicious - gourmet level. From the mini burger to the chicken to the banana bread, it was all delicious. They didn't taste bland at all. I'm guessing they came straight from Midas Hotel's kitchen. The drink (Refresh Orange Juice) however is a cheap one which we all know costs only around P7.00 in the supermarket.

Overall, the party was simple yet fun. Prizes were given for the game winners and best costume. The last part was the Easter egg hunt. It was divided to two parts; first was 1-3 year-old kids and then the second part was 4-year-olds and above. We thought there would be a prize with the one who catches the most or the one who catches a special egg, but there were no prizes given. After the hunt, it was the end of the party so we went straight to our room with my kids happy and excited to open their big egg prize. 

Here are the contents of the loot bags given to us:

Midas Hotel Easter Party Loot Bag
Midas Hotel Easter Party Loot Bag Contents
I noticed they only had a few sponsors for their party so I was expecting less from their loot bags, but to my surprise, their loot includes plenty of toys instead of candies or biscuits. My kids were happy to get one water gun each and a plastic boat with tools perfect for beach trips. There was also a rubber ducky that my daughter played with while she was taking a bath in the bath tub.

Midas Hotel Tiki-Tastic Easter Party Prize
Prize from the Giant Egg
The picture above shows the contents of the giant egg that my kids won from the first game. Its contents include assorted candies plus the bunny doll! It was so cute!

To conclude my post, our Tiki-Tastic experience was fun and we really liked the freebies that we got so our experience was 4 out of 5.

Midas Hotel
2702 Roxas Blvd, Pasay, 1300 Metro Manila
Call (02) 902 0100

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