Thursday, September 12, 2019

From Manila Going to Boracay Island 2019

Last June, we went to Boracay with my family as a treat to my daughter who just turned 7 years old. I asked my daughter whether she wanted a big party or go to the beach for her birthday, and she decided she wants to go to the beach, and so we decided to spend it in Boracay since we never went there before except my older sister. 

Manila To Boracay 2019
Delayed Flight (Air Asia)

So we booked our flight via Air Asia bound from Manila to Caticlan. We arrived at the airport (Terminal 4) early via Grab car, but our flight got delayed probably because of the rainy season, so instead of leaving at 2:30PM, we actually boarded the airplane at around 4PM already. It was raining, but thankfully the airline provided some umbrellas so we won't get wet as we board the plane. 

After we arrived at the Caticlan airport, our excitement just boosted up. It was such a great feeling traveling and having a vacation together with the family. 

Just arrived at the Caticlan Airport
Caticlan/Boracay Airport
Caticlan/Boracay Airport
When we arrived at the Caticlan airport, little did we know that there were "Transportation Counters" where there were plenty of vehicles for hire on the spot that travelers can use/rent going to the port. You have to go the port first before going to Boracay island. What we did was we arranged a transportation service with the Royal Park Hotel beforehand and it cost us around P5,000 for it which was more expensive than just hiring a service on the spot.  

Transportation Counters at the Caticlan Airport
One advantage of arranging the transportation in advance is that when you arrive at the airport, your driver, your guide, and your vehicle is already waiting for you. When we got out, I saw my name on a placard and we immediately went inside the vehicle to take us to the port. 

Inside the vehicle going to the port. It was a 20-minute ride from the airport going to Tabon Port. 

Tabon Port
Once we arrived at the Tabon Port, we registered our name, purpose, and the hotel where we're going to stay at because since Boracay is under rehabilitation by the national government, visitors are limited and you can't enter Boracay island unless you already have a booking in a hotel there. So our guide assisted me with the registration and I presented my Agoda booking sheet so the registration was a breeze. I really thought there's going to be a lot of military presence there, but when we arrived, they were all civilians who were processing our papers. You also need to pay for the environmental fee and other fees which I already forgot, but our transportation package already covered it so we need not need to worry. 

Boat going to Boracay Island
Boracay trip 2019
Still inside the boat
We boarded a motorized boat going to Boracay island finally. It was my children's first time to ride a boat so it was pretty cool for them. I was just thankful that it wasn't raining that day or else it might be a bit of a problem for us. 

Boracay island 2019 bridge
The bridge from boat to the island's shore

From the boat, this is the bridge we walked by going to the island's shore, so it's really not advisable to wear heels when you're going to Boracay. Thankfully I was wearing my rubber shoes. Most people were wearing sandals or even flip flops or slippers. 

More walking
So when we arrived at the island,  we need to board another vehicle that will take us directly to our hotel. I don't have a picture of the vehicle that we used because I was a bit tired. But this time, we were taken directly to our hotel. We arrived at Royal Park Hotel at around 5:30 PM already. 

I'm going to make another post about our hotel stay soon so watch out for it. 

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