Saturday, September 14, 2019

Panda Panda: An All You Can Eat Buffet in SM BF

So we were strolling along SM BF Paranaque and we frequently walk by Panda Panda, a Chinese restaurant that offers ala carte food or a P299 buffet  At first, we ignore it because the place looked gloomy unlike the other popular buffet places. But one Saturday, we decided to try it out because the price of P299 per person isn't really that bad for a buffet. So we went in and gave it a go. 

As we sat down, there was no receptionist who welcomed us. We just went in, found ourselves a vacant table, and a nice waiter (who was really busy) accommodated us and told us that we can immediately start getting food from the buffet spread. Since there was not much people around, we had no fuss getting some food. 

Panda-Panda Buffet 299
Egg Fried Rice / Mixed Vegetables
When I saw the egg fried rice, I told myself, "Ah, this is going to be worth it." They also offer plain rice for those who like it plain. They also offer mixed veggies, the only vegetable viand they offer in the buffet spread.

Panda-Panda Buffet
Lechon con Tofu / Sweet & Sour Fried Chicken

 The Lechon con Tofu is a hit for me (and to other customers). I went back three times just to get some more. The chicken was also okay for me. My husband also liked it because he's a chicken lover. I just noticed the chicken had less meat in them, but still they tasted good. 

Panda-Panda Buffet 299
Panda Chicken Herbs / Stir Fried Beef
If you want a softer version of chicken, the Panda chicken herbs is for you. It's more meaty than the other chicken viand, and it's a bit similar to Chicken Adobo, but lighter and a bit sweeter. The Stir Fried Beef is their only beef viand and it tasted good. It's not too salty and the beef is not difficult to chew so it was all right.

Panda-Panda Buffet at SM BF Paranaque
Dessert: Buko Pandan Jelly / Coffee Jelly
I got saddened seeing the dessert spread, but eating the coffee jelly consoled me. Since I'm a coffee lover, I went back twice for the coffee jelly and apparently it was a hit to other customers also since it's always the first one to run out. They also had fish crackers (Kropek), Iced Gem biscuits, and some other biscuits that I'm not familiar with. I did notice the Iced Gem biscuits were popular with the kids present at the time. 

Panda-Panda Buffet at SM BF Paranaque
My plate 
This was my plate in the first round. I went back 3 times to the buffet table to get some food. The buffet price is also inclusive of one round of iced tea as you can see in the picture above or you can also opt for a hot pot of tea. Unfortunately coffee is not included. 

All in all, our food experience was good. Our tummies were filled and I really have no negative reviews about the restaurant nor the food. Service was also satisfactory. The place was clean and tidy, but the dim lighting of the restaurant, I think, made me a bit sleepy. Will I be coming back? Probably.  But if they could add at least one cake or even buchi in the dessert table and include free coffee, then I'll definitely be back. It also wouldn't hurt if they use some Chinese instrumental music that would help lighten the mood a little bit for the customers. 

Panda-Panda Restaurant
2nd Floor SM BF Paranaque
Dr Arcadio Santos Avenue

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