Thursday, November 7, 2019

Overnight Stay at Zen Rooms Millenia Suites

The last time we stayed at a Zen Room was just last summer in Aloha Hotel. This time, my kids' examination period has just ended and the preparations for our village's trick or treat was a bit stressful for me so I thought it's time to use my free overnight stay that Zen Rooms offered me so we could relax before the new semester begins. 

While searching for a room in Zen Rooms website, I chose Millennia Suites because of its spacious room. It has 2 bedrooms and a kitchenette. It also has a pool so I thought the kids would love it. The description also includes Free Fast WIFI so I heavily relied on it and hoped for the best because my family just can't live without fast WIFI. 

Check In

As we arrived in Millennial Suites Ortigas, the kind lady guard asked us where we're going and I said Zen Rooms. She told me to go straight to 24th floor. I was like, "Wow, that's a high floor," which is good because I love rooms with a nice view. 

When we arrived in the 24th floor, we immediately saw the Zen Rooms logo and their minimalist reception area. We were greeted by the nice receptionist and gave me a quick overview of what to do and what not to do in the room such as no smoking and such. Ordering outside is also allowed and the delivery guy can also go straight up by our doorstep to deliver our food, which was nice to know. After a few minutes, we were given our keys (not key cards) and we went on to our 2-bedroom suite, which was located on the same floor and just a few steps away. 

The Two-Bedroom Suite

Upon entering the room, my little girl went wild when she saw how spacious the suite was. It has a minimalist design complete with a living room area and a dining area just beside the kitchenette equipped with two electric cook tops, stainless steel sink,  microwave, refrigerator, plastic plates, mugs, and utensils.  It has everything a mother would need from a suite.

Zen Rooms Millenia Suites
Cable-ready TV
Their TV was already cable-ready and we were happy that it had Cartoon Network channel. It's just one of those things that my kids would want (or need) in a staycation.


Zen Rooms Millenia Suites Bathroom
I can't even take a nice picture because the lights were so dim

I have to admit not everything in the suite was perfect and that's where the bathroom comes in. It was complete with the basic bathroom amenities like soap, shampoo, and toiletries, but the light was too dim that it was hard to see things inside.  My youngest even wanted me to be with her whenever she goes to the toilet because the lights are just too dark for her and it scares her. It also felt cramped because of the small space. 

Another thing was that the bathroom also had a foul smell which I 
believe was coming from the vents and/or in the drain. Another thing was the shower head was too high. I actually found it difficult to reach it so I can adjust the angle of the shower.


Zen Rooms Millenia Suites Kitchen Stove
Cooking Stove 
The kitchen included everything we needed like glasses and plates, utensils, cooking pan, electric stove, exhaust fan, refrigerator, cupboard, and a microwave. All I needed to buy was a few groceries, dish washing liquid and sponge.

The downside is it is that the cooking stove looks old and it had lots of residues left from years of use as you can see in the picture on the left. The clean one was not working.

The cooking pan that came with the room looked like it had been used in years because of its color  and sticky residue so I had to wash it again before using just in case. 

The microwave ,however, looked new and I recognize the brand, Hanabishi, because I also saw the same unit in a local department store being displayed. I used it once to heat food and it worked perfectly. I just had to carry the microwave from the top of the ref down on the floor and plug it to the nearest available electrical point because its wire is too short to reach.


There were 2 bedrooms in the suite. One had a queen bed and the other had a single bed. When it comes to comfort, I would say it's a 7 over 10. We only had thin sheets of white blankets in the room and not comforters so we had to adjust the air conditioning so it wouldn't be too cold for us as we sleep. The pillows were just okay, nothing to brag much about. Both bedrooms had windows where you can enjoy the view from the 24th floor especially at night time where you can see all the night lights of Ortigas.

Best Features

Here are some best features for me about Millenia Suites:

Very Fast WIFI

I really had to mention this because it's one of the strong points of Millenia Suites Zen Rooms. They indeed offer FREE high speed WIFI. My son, my husband, and my daughter had been using the internet at the same time and not once did they complain that the connection was slow or got disconnected unlike in other hotels we've stayed.

Food Deliveries

Another best quality about this place is you can have your food delivered right outside your doorstep so you don't have to go down the lobby and pick it up yourself. I really found this very convenient. Another plus point for Millenia Zen Rooms!

Swimming Pool

Zen Rooms Millenia Suites Swimming Pool
Millenia Suites Swimming Pool
Our kids really enjoyed the indoor pool. There were 2 pools there; one was a kiddie pool and the one for adults. It was my first time to experience an indoor pool and my first impression of it was the place was a bit dark unlike the outdoor pools, but eventually I learned to like it as I swim. Nearby restrooms are also available in the pool so you can take a quick shower or a quick toilet break before/during/or after you swim. Just an additional note: You can only use the pool once during the duration of your stay so if I were you, you should enjoy the pool as long as you can before going back to your room.

Lots of Windows

Zen Rooms Millenia Suites View from the Unit
View from the Unit
The 2-bedroom suite is actually a corner suite so there were plenty of windows in our unit. We were able to enjoy the different views from different corners which brings out the beauty of our staycation. 


Will we decide to stay here again in the future? Well, despite its imperfections, it does have its redeeming qualities (e.g. Fast WIFI) so we'd definitely stay here again. Thank you, Millenia Suites, for a nice stay.  


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