Sunday, December 1, 2019

Centel Acne Clear Review

Since I was in 6th grade, I have been looking for facial washes that are effective against pimples or acne. Sometimes, a product would work, but for some reason the effectivity of the product slowly fades so I'd have to look for another product that will give good results. 

I have been given a chance to review the Centel Acne Clear Wash Foam and I was so lucky to do it. I have to admit that the brand is not familiar to me, but I don't really rely much on brands to see if the product works or not. I'm just wishing to have had this 25 years ago when I had acne so I can try its effectivity. But even though I no longer have one, it's still worth to try if my 1 or 2 pimples would disappear using it. 

The Centel Acne Clear Wash Foam


First impression of the product from its packaging is that it has a very direct approach that tells us it will fight or it will clear acne for you. There's nothing like writing your message in big red fonts like there's an emergency or it's something that should belong in a medical kit. I like that it didn't bother much with the designs like putting flowers or or other colorful things that might improve its visual impact because it gives me the impression that they're confident that their product works and it's serious about its purpose. 

First Usage

The first time I used it, I noticed that its foam is unscented. When I used it on the face, it was just like any other facial cleansers I used. I did not feel any sting or itchiness while I use it which is a good start. The interesting part is when I started washing it off. 

When I started to wash it off, the foam just got washed off immediately. No residue was left that I needed to repeatedly wash off with water. It just gave me a clean and refreshing feeling on the skin. It's like the clean feeling I get after washing with Safeguard on the face, but has that moisturizing effect that Centel Acne Clear gives you which I believe is what makes this product stand out. 

Not an Oil-Control Product

Yes, since it fights acne, DO NOT expect it to be an oil-control product and I also noticed it 4 hours after wash. I was at home and I started noticing my face becoming oily again which is a common thing. I guess it's a question of priorities whether you want your face to be acne-free or oil-free ,and at the moment, I wanted my pimples to disappear so, yeah, acne-free it is. 

Did It Work?

After 4 days of using it, my small pimples did disappear without leaving any marks so yes, it did work for me. Honestly speaking, I did not have acne while I used it so I really can't say its effectiveness on acne. But since it got rid of my small pimples, that's good enough for me to recommend it to you. 

The Centel Acne Clear Wash Foam is available at Beauty Manila and at 

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