Thursday, December 5, 2019

What Museums Should You Visit in Louisville?

Summer vacation season is over, but traveling isn’t. People traveling cross-country for business, holidays, or just to get out of their routines. Don’t be surprised if you end up passing through the city of Louisville, Kentucky.

Louisville is host to many cultural and historical attractions. There are more than 40 museums located within “Museum Row” in the West Main District. Here is a list of 10 places you should consider.

21c Museum Hotel

The 21c is a combination hotel-museum founded by art collectors Laura Lee Brown and Steve Wilson to support urban renewal and regional agriculture. It’s a gallery of contemporary art pieces, and projects are open to the public free of charge.

Speed Art Museum

  “The Speed”-named for James Breckinridge Speed, art enthusiast and philanthropist- hosts artworks from all eras. Explore exhibits and collections via drop-in tours. Plan ahead for exclusive concerts, film screenings, and the popular “After Hours at the Speed.”

The Belle of Louisville

  The Belle of Louisville began her career traveling the Ohio River under the name “Idlewild.” She was refurbished and rechristened in 1962 to become the local attraction she is today. The Belle is available for sightseeing year-round starting at $22 for adults.

Kentucky Science Center

  When spending a day with the family, the Kentucky Science Center provides an enlightening afternoon of fun. Children will love the hands-on attractions. Catch a movie on their four-story IMAX screen, or visit their resident mummy, Tchaenhotep.

Civil War Museum

  The Civil War Museum covers Kentucky’s military history from the Revolutionary War to the Middle-East. Walk among authentic structures in their Pioneer Village. Learn about the roles women played in the state’s armed forces at the one-of-a-kind Women’s Museum.

Jim Beam American Stillhouse

  If you’re a bourbon fanatic, then the Jim Beam American Stillhouse in Clermont is on your list. Take a guided tour of the distillery where you’ll learn how the Beam Family perfected their recipe. Afterward, stop by Fred’s Smokehouse so you don’t bourbon on an empty stomach.

The Muhammad Ali Center

  Muhammad Ali may very well be Kentucky’s favorite son. This center honors his legacy with recreations of his Deer Lake training ring and a pavilion of wall-to-wall memorabilia. You can view Ali’s famous fights and take part in the “Generation Story Ali Story Booths.”

Frazier History Museum

  Get some action at the Frazier History Museum’s collection of weaponry and armor. See live dramatic performances and educational demonstrations. Check out permanent exhibitions of bourbon paraphernalia and antique figurines.

Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory

  Nothing says Louisville like it’s eponymous “Slugger.” Take a tour of the factory to see these famous baseball bats in production. Not into sports? Check out they’re many temporary pop culture exhibits.

Kentucky Derby Museum

  Churchill Downs, home to the Kentucky Derby, is a priceless piece of Louisville real estate. The Museum documents the decades of the Derby’s best horses and people. Watch the greatest moments unfold at the “Walter L. Jones Time Machine” theater. Guided tours of the Downs are also offered.

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