Friday, January 10, 2020

SM is Now Online at!

2020 has gotten sweeter because SM Malls has released their new official online shop! I used to go to different online shopping sites and look for the SM merchant to check their items or I would even go to the mall physically just to compare prices to their online shops. Well, I'm glad I don't have to go to SM anymore just to compare prices. Make way online shoppers because is here!  

My Initial Reaction to

I love that big clearance sale sign on top. I actually got excited to look around
I was in awe when I saw the website because the first thing you will see on their page is their items that are ON SALE and that's exactly what I initially look for on shopping websites. SM really knows what a shopper wants. I also noticed that they didn't use their typical SM logo and they changed the fonts, which I found quite fresh and new. For easier canvassing, they organized their items into different categories such as Women, Men, Kids, Home, Beauty, etc.

Shopping Experience

I was excited to look around the website. I started looking for gifts for my family namely for myself, for my husband, my son, and my daughter with a budget of Php 1,000. I have to admit it was difficult to choose because there's just so many items to choose from.

For the kids, I started browsing in the Kids Section where I found lots of very nice looking shirts, shoes, sleepwear, and more. If you have a particular brand you'd like to search, you can use the sort feature on the left side of the screen and select the brand you'd like to see. It's applicable throughout the website. You can also choose to sort it by category or by price.

For the boys, my husband and my son, I started looking at the Men's Section where men essentials are located. There I spotted Kultura shirts that are for sale and I really can't deny the sale price of P100 per shirt (original price of P150) so I bought 2.

As for myself, I tried to look for Parisian sandals for women and yes, there are lots of Parisian shoes to choose from on their website (yey!) but unfortunately, they don't have my size (size 11). So instead of fashion, I started looking for home essentials as a gift for myself.

I started thinking of what I need in the house and noticed that my pillow needs to be replaced. Luckily, I saw this memory pillow by Hosh with the price of P250 only!  Without hesitation, I added it in my cart.

I still have 200 pesos left in my budget so I decided to buy something that everyone in my family can use. I decided to buy the Bedrock Body wash because the brand is new for me and it's gentle for kids.

So here's the summary of my orders:
  • 1 LOL shirt for my daughter
  • 1 Kultura shirt for my husband with a sale price of P100 only. 
  • 1 Kultura shirt for my son with the same price of P100 only. 
  • 1 Bedrock Body wash for the family
  • 1 memory foam pillow for myself. 
Total amount for the items I bought is Php 999.50. I'm happy I was able to stick to the P1,000 budget for the items, but since I decided to ship the items to my home, an additional P99 pesos was added as shipping fee (for Metro Manila). If you don't like to pay the shipping fee, you can opt to pick up the items in your nearest SM branch. 


Since this is an SM store, of course your SM Advantage Card is not forgotten. Yes! You can use your SMAC card as you checkout so you can still earn points as you purchase online! How cool is that! The website also accepts cash on delivery ( COD ) or credit card as mode of payment. I chose cash on delivery just to be sure.  

Your money is well-spent thanks to the ShopSM honoring SMAC cards 


My order was delivered by a 2GO delivery truck
I made the order last December 26 and the items arrived last January 8 delivered by 2Go Courier. It took 2 weeks for them to delivery which I understand because of the holidays, plus I'm not in a hurry to get the items so it's all right for me. But I sure hope they'd improve their delivery time in the future. 

ShopSM: My package arrived
My package!


Here's my very first unboxing video together with my 7-year-old daughter who's holding the camera phone :) It took me a few minutes to open the box because it was completely sealed by those SM packaging tapes. It just means that they really took the time to pack my items diligently. 

Here's what's inside the box:

ShopSM flat lay
My ShopSM items! 
I am happy with all the items I got. I can tell every item is fresh from SM's stocks. How do I know? Because aside from seeing those same shirts in our nearby SM Mall, their tags are also included as you can see on the pic below:

Their tags are still attached to them which proves they're from SM Malls! 
It was a refreshing experience for me because it's like shopping in an SM Mall at the comfort of my home. I was happy with my online shopping experience because I didn't have this thought in my head that maybe this product is not as good as it looks or other online shopping horror stories because knowing that the items will originally come from SM Malls, I know that the items they sell are in good condition.  Just some room for improvement with their delivery time and more selections of bigger shoe sizes please! :D 

You may also download the app in Google Play.
Just look for ShopSM app and download, then start shopping! is currently having a clearance sale so I personally recommend you take a peek! 

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